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Sally Kirkwood

The bird of prey show, thanks to the magic powers of the tails! - © Sally Kirkwood
BLOG: The tale of the tails
I had told My Poor Husband, The Trainer and some of my very good friends, that when I got tails LOOK OUT!!! I had warned them that I was going to wear them everywhere and possibly never take them off...
Sally Kirkwood, Jeffrey Felix (jockey) and Cracow. Photo: Sally Kirkwood
BLOG: Sometimes fairy tales do come true!
Sally Kirkwood recounts winning the Charters Towers Cup for the third time, with the eight-year-old "horse of a lifetime", Cracow...
Sally's criteria for breeches is they need to look good enough to wear to the supermarket and school pick up! © Sally Kirkwood
BLOG: The struggles of buying new breeches
"Holy smokes! I have some breeches and jeans that make you think you are riding in a cheese grater!"
Sally Kirkwood riding Bloomfield Furstinus - © Roger Fitzhardinge
BLOG: Keeping it real
"I often liken the emotional side of training horses to climbing Everest or being on a rollercoaster ride...Hell, there are times when I seriously doubt my ability to ride an open gate on a windy day..."
Sally Kirkwood and Bloomfield Furstinus - © Roger Fitzhardinge
Introducing EQ Life’s latest blogger Sally Kirkwood
Roger Fitzhardinge introduces our latest blogger, Far North Queensland's Sally Kirkwood...

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