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Judge & FEI Rider - Roger Fitzhardinge

Hans Peter Minderhoud riding Glock's Zanardi. © FEI
Where did all my marks go? (Part 2)
"Here are some simple things, that if done correctly, can help you get those marks up!"
Joao Victor Macari Oliva (BRA) at the World Cup Final - Photo Liz Gregg/FEI
Where did all my marks go? (Part 1)
Where did all my marks go?! Roger Fitzhardinge tries to answer the question asked by many a rider after a dressage test...
Horse in piaffe. © Roger Fitzhardinge
When a picture speaks a thousand words (Part 3)
You’ve all asked, and Roger Fitzhardinge has delivered… here is the third instalment of his photo series!
Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy. © Roger Fitzhardinge
When a picture speaks a thousand words (Part 2)
"You have to simply love photography. The wonder of equine balance and movement. Enjoy the imaginary feeling this photo expresses…”
Sönke Rothenberger and Cosmo. © Roger Fitzhardinge
When a picture speaks a thousand words (Part 1)
"When I teach, I often take my camera and shoot during the lesson. I then look at the digital image right away. The camera doesn’t lie…"
Therese and Dante in the piaffe
Training at Home with Roger Fitzhardinge: Understanding collection
"Before you can really improve collection you have to put your mind into gear and understand what collection is..."
Leg yielding off the circle, away from the bending. © Roger Fitzhardinge
Training at Home with Roger Fitzhardinge: Finding balance on the circle
“My boy continues to fall into circles, and more inside leg doesn't help...”
Donna Elena and Maree Tomkinson looking uphill in the tempi changes. © Roger Fitzhardinge
Roger Fitzhardinge reports on the Horse First NSW Dressage Championships
Roger gives a horse-by-horse account of the Grand Prix, delves into the quality on display in the Novice classes, and identifies some rising stars to watch for the future...
Being a better competitor
Can you get everything perfectly at home only to turn in to a mess when you head off to a competition? Roger Fitzhardinge discusses being a better competitor...
Sue Hearn and Remmington - © Roger Fitzhardinge
Sue Hearn and Remmington win EQUITANA FEI CDI-W Grand Prix
It was Sue Hearn and Remmington in first, Lesley Anne Taylor and Amicelli Gold in second, and Rozzie Ryan with Jarrah R in third...

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