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When a picture speaks a thousand words (Part 3)

Horse in piaffe. © Roger Fitzhardinge 

© Roger Fitzhardinge

You’ve all asked, and Roger Fitzhardinge has delivered… here is the third instalment of his photo series! It has been wonderful to see such positive and constructive thoughts over the previous two posts.

This time, we changed the game a little… there are three photos!

“Rather than having just one photo and looking very closely at it, which sometimes encourages too much analysis and clouds the overall beauty, here are three photos of three Grand Prix horses making the same movement….”

1. What is the movement?
2. Rank them 1, 2, 3 in order and give them a mark.
3. What was it about the one you ranked the best that made you choose that one as the best?
4. What could you say to help the third rider to get their horse into first spot?

Happy judging - head over to the Facebook post below to have your say.


Catch up on photo one here.

Catch up on photo two here.







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