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When a picture speaks a thousand words (Part 2)

Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy. © Roger Fitzhardinge

© Roger Fitzhardinge

Roger Fitzhardinge has been an equestrian photographer and A level national dressage judge for over 30 years.

What he is passionate about more than anything is photographing and writing articles about training and schooling horses, and with his physiotherapy background and keen and interested eye for balance and correct muscling, we have decided to get him to start posting photos of dressage moments that create interest and comments.

Roger's first image for discussion can be found on Facebook here.

Here is Roger’s second image:

“This photo was taken in the warm up arena at CHIO Aachen.

What movement is it?
What mark is it worth?
What would make it better?
What are the next hooves/hoof to hit the ground?

You have to simply love photography. The wonder of equine balance and movement. Enjoy the imaginary feeling this photo expresses…”


Head over to the Equestrian Life Facebook page to find this post and leave your comment!






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