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Brett Parbery Blog

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. Brett Parbery and Furstin Friendship showing plenty of impulsion © Roger Fitzhardinge
Two Minds Are Better Than One
It is widely known that to perform at one’s best on any given day, both the horse and rider must be in a sound and focused state of mind...
Elite coaching - is it an art or a science?
Brett Parbery: "Coaching at an elite level is something that has interested me for some time..."
Preliminary Level – ‘Throughness’
In this article, we will be concentrating on the basic concept of ‘throughness’, and establishing this concept in the early stages of training...
Dressage the Do's and Don'ts
Over the years, Brett Parbery has seen a lot of people come into horses, across many disciplines...
Training the Transitions at Preliminary Level
Brett Parbery helps us take a look at transitions and how to train them correctly during the Preliminary level.

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