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Brett Parbery and Fursten Friendship - Photo credit Roger Fitzhardinge
Two Minds Are Better Than One
It is widely known that to perform at one’s best on any given day, both the horse and rider must be in a sound and focused state of mind...
Brett Parbery and DP Weltmieser-2992
Elite coaching - is it an art or a science?
Brett Parbery: "Coaching at an elite level is something that has interested me for some time..."
Furstin Friendship and Brett Parbery in the Equestrian Performance Surfaces Five Year Old YH
Preliminary Level – ‘Throughness’
In this article, we will be concentrating on the basic concept of ‘throughness’, and establishing this concept in the early stages of training...
Equestrian Grand final promo pics
Adelaide secures the Equestrian Grand Final for 2015
Australia’s most prestigious multidiscipline equestrian event, the Equestrian Grand Final is coming to Adelaide in November 2015 for the first time in the event’s history...
 Brett Parbery and Aber Hallo show the frame and expression that could win them the class but it all depends on the day and the correctness and mistak
So you want to do dressage
So you have just bought a horse, been given a horse, inherited a horse, whatever the case may be, and you want to start riding dressage...
Brett and Mel Parbery © Brett Parbery
Brett's June Update
Since our last update, which concluded after Dressage With Altitude in Orange, I travelled to France for a quick horse shopping trip, we...
Good as Gold and Brett Parbery and a masterful ride for a second place
Dressage the Do's and Don'ts
Over the years, I have seen a lot of people come into horses, across many disciplines, some of who have lasted and others, unfortunately, who have gone by the wayside...
Second in the Inter 1 was Good as Gold and Brett Parbery
Sydney CDI - Brett Parbery and Good As Gold
Watch Brett Parbery and Good As Gold in the winning test for the Zilco Intermediate Freestyle from the Sydney CDI...
PPH Zeppelin and Brett Parbery winners of the Advanced 5.2
Brett's Latest Update
Brett Parbery updates us on what has been happening over the last few months...
Brett Parbery teaching
So you want to do Dressage! By Brett Parbery
If you speak to the dressage faithful, dressage is the most wonderful horse sport of all.

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