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Abbie O’Brien

Abbie and Karl. © Abbie O'Brien
BLOG: The reality of having horses
"In sports that require you to be a part of a team there are always going to be elements that are out of your control," explains Abbie O'Brien...
Abbie O'Brien March Blog
BLOG: When Opportunity Knocks (Part 3)
Abbie O'Brien recounts nailing tempi changes in front of the world's best: "Rajah, bless him the little engine that could – 17 one tempis down the long side and they were forward, uphill, bold, and off the lightest touch of the spur..."
Abbie O'Brien March Blog
BLOG: When Opportunity Knocks (Part 2)
EQ Life blogger Abbie O'Brien recounts the day she rode in front of the world's best: "All I can say is, Rajah you superstar! We went straight into the arena and I held my breath in anticipation..."
Abbie O'Brien and Rajah's Rave, Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass - Photo Stephen Mowbray
BLOG: When Opportunity Knocks (Part 1)
2017 has started with a bang for EQ Life blogger Abbie O'Brien...
BLOG: Dressage rider Abbie O'Brien talks about her experience at the Dressage Nationals
"Well, it has been a while in between blogs but it has been an eventful few months with both ups and downs..."
BLOG: Pony Club - what a start!
Dressage rider Abbie O'Brien takes us back to her Pony Club, where it all began...
BLOG: From Werribee to Sydney and back again!
Blogger Abbie O'Brien takes us on her travels, with some exciting results with the lovely Rajah's Rave [VIDEO]...

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