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Show Jumper - Amy Strapp

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Amy Strapp November Blog - Part 1
BLOG: Amy Strapp discusses different feeds for different horses
Part II: What is really good for our horses’ guts and what’s not?
Amy Strapp - Part 1
BLOG: Amy Strapp discusses different feeding practices around the world
In Part 1, Amy takes a look at how feeding practices differ around the world. What is actually good for our horses’ guts and what’s not?
Amy Strapp and Yalambi's Fendi - Photo Amy Strapp
BLOG: Establishing the basics with young horses and getting set up!
Amy talks about establishing the basics with young horses...
Amy Strapp Blog July
BLOG: Back where it all started...
Amy Strapp has finally arrived back home... And found herself with TWO new horses!
Amy Strapp June Blog
Amy Strapp heads back to Australia... And straight to country WA!
Show jumper Amy Strapp returns to Australia, and heads straight to Gidgegannup in WA...
Amy Strapp Blog
Amy Strapp journeys back to Australia
“Life is a journey and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever." Amy Strapp talks about the next exciting step in her journey in her latest blog...

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