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Rio Olympics 2016

Images of Rio
With the equestrian events complete, we look back on some special moments from the Rio 2016 Paralympics...
Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 12 in Rio
Rozzie Ryan wraps up the last day at the Para-Equestrian...
Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 11 in Rio
Rozzie reports on Rio's wildlife, as well as Emma Booth's terrific second test that earned her and Zidane 69.9%...
Great day for Great Britain as three gold medals pour in
British riders have won the Grades II and Ia individual tests, as well as the Teams event at the 2016 Rio Paralympics...
Anne Dunham: From the birth of Paralympic Equestrian to Rio 2016
GB's Anne Dunham has seen many changes since para-dressage first became part of the Paralympics...
Emotional scenes as Wells and Puch reign in Rio
Austria’s Pepo Puch and Great Britain’s Sophie Wells were crowned the latest winners in Rio...
Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 10 in Rio
Lisa Martin performed brilliantly in her second test to score 71.476%. Lisa and Firegirl finished fourth and have qualified for the Freestyle on Friday.
VIDEO: Watch the para-dressage highlights from Day 6 in Rio
Watch the highlights from the Grade II and III tests...
Rozzie Ryan reports from Day 9 in Rio
Three Australian riders were in action overnight at the Paralympics...
Great Britain take command of para-equestrian team competition
Great Britain have taken control of the team competition at the Rio 2016 para-dressage...

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