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FEI Dressage Rider - Lyndal Oatley

Lyndal and Eros, a 12-year-old grey KWPN gelding by Sir Oldenburg (Sion) out of Selva (Olympic Ferro). © Lukasz Kowalski
How to easily improve your dressage test...and your score
A good first impression goes a long way in any aspect of life, but so too in dressage...
Lyndal's Top 5 Tips
It's all about the basics. Olympic Dressage team member, Lyndal Oatley, shares with us a brilliantly insightful article on her top five tips for aspiring champions.
Perfect position, Robbie McKinnon and Robali Razzamatazz. © Franz Venhaus
How to improve your trot half-pass
"Ask me what is my favourite movement is and without a second thought I would reply trot half-pass!" says Lyndal Oatley...
Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy. © Rui Pedro Godinho
Mind over matter
Lacking confidence? Maybe you just think you do. Lyndal Oatley explains how to use your head to turn that around...

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