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 Equestrian Life brings you all the action from the Willinga Park Open Day.


Paula Ward (EA CEO), Terry Snow & rider Chris Burton - Credit Stephen Mowbray


Footage from Willinga Park's Open Day will be available from Wednesday the 22nd!

Willinga Park's Open Day, held over the weekend in the picturesque surrounds of Bawley Point, was a huge success. Equestrian Life would like to thank Willinga Park for having us - what a great day of horse sports!

Footage from the day - which includes the Double Dans, dressage masterclasses with Brett Parbery and Roger Fitzhardinge, jousting and showjumping - will be available to view from Wednesday the 22nd right here on our site.



Wednesday 22nd at 7.30PM

Dressage Masterclass with Roger Fitzhardinge

Alicia Targa and Celeste Amezdroz take part in a dressage masterclass under the expert tuition of Roger Fitzhardinge.

Thursday 23rd at 7.30PM


Always fast-paced and entertaining, showjumping is a sport enjoyed by many. Watch a number of riders will take to the arena to test their skill on Willinga Park’s state-of-the-art arena.

Friday 24th at 7.30PM

Dressage Masterclass with Brett Parbery

Watch Brett ride Willinga Park’s young warmblood Bloomfield Royalist, before Paralympian Sue-Ellen Lovett takes to the arena.

Sunday 26th at 7.30PM

Double Dan Horsemanship Show with Dan Steers

Many equestrian fans across Australia are familiar with horsemanship experts the Double Dans. Whether you’ve seen them before or are yet to experience their breath-taking horsemanship skills, this event at Willinga Park’s Open Day is sure to inspire.

Monday 27th at 7.30PM

Double Dan Liberty Horses with Dan Steers

Dan Steers returns to the arena with the Double Dans’ breath-taking (yet cheeky!) liberty horses.

Tuesday 28th at 7.30PM

Double Dan Horse Breaking with Dan Steers

These days, we know that a correct and kind start under saddle is one of the most important parts of a horse’s education. Horsemanship expert Dan Steers shows us how to break in a horse without raising a sweat.

Wednesday 29th 7.30PM

Jousting Demonstration

A martial game between two horseman wielding blunt-tip lances, jousting is an exciting spectacle that sees riders experience close to 3 ¾ times their bodyweight in g-forces. Not for the faint hearted!





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