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Kerry Mack

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Joy - Luciana Diniz on Lady Lindenhof. © Stefano Grasso LGCT
Harnessing your emotions
Good riders have feel, something that can’t be taught. What you can learn though, explains Kerry Mack, is how to control your feelings...
Kerry Mack and Mayfield Limelight warm up at Willinga Park's Dressage by the Sea this year. © Amy-Sue Alston
The Short Side
It is said that you can win a dressage test on the short side. I agree. There is no actual mark for the short side. However the short side is where the judge gets a really good look at the frame and paces...
Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro - © Franz Venhaus
In harmony with your horse
Kerry Mack explains that being in tune not only refers to melody, of course, it also means concord or agreement...
Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro. © FEI/Arnd Bronkhorst/Pool Pic
Practise to perfection
Excellent performance in any human endeavour is based on preparation. As Kerry Mack explains, training to maximise your marks in the dressage arena is no exception...
Almania Felix ridden by Nicky Kirkby - © Stephen Mowbray
Ingrid Klimke Dressage Masterclass: Flying changes
Kerry Mack reports on Ingrid's exercises for training the flying changes...
 Greer Moloney and Fidera, with Almania Felix and Nicky Kirkby in the background - © Stephen Mowbray
Ingrid Klimke Dressage Masterclass: Walk pirouettes
Kerry Mack reports on the Medium level horses, where cavaletti were used to improve the walk pirouettes...
6-year-old stallion Dante Quando, ridden by Charlie Welsh - © Stephen Mowbray / Dressage Masterclass
Ingrid Klimke Dressage Masterclass: Managing a distracted stallion
The second group at the Ingrid Klimke masterclass included the stallion Dante Quando, (Charlie Welsh), and the mare Sugarloaf Fefe (Clarissa Bentley-Bell)...
Micky Bray and Ellanbrae Benito Gold. © Stephen Mowbray / Dressage Masterclass
Ingrid Klimke Dressage Masterclass: The lesson plan
Kerry Mack reports from Ingrid Klimke’s dressage masterclass at Werribee. Part one covers the importance of having a system and following a lesson plan…
Centre of Gravity
At Mayfield Farm we are often talking about balance. Dressage training aims to improve the balance of the horse. For the horse to be in self-carriage he must be balanced...
Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro at WEG in 2014 © Michelle Terlato
On a grand scale
Having begun to explore the Training Scale, let’s now look at how to use it in your basic training...

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