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Kerry Mack

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The arena looked a picture.
Kerry Mack reports from the Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass (Part Two)
"You have to be quite diplomatic with stallions, especially in the breeding season," says Charlotte...
EQ Life generic photo
Kerry Mack reports from the Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass (Part One)
"Yet again the dressage community was abuzz for the sold out masterclass with Charlotte Dujardin...
Kerry Mack thanks Mayfield Pzazz CREDIT Michelle Terlato
BLOG: The new year is always a time for reviewing the highs and lows of the year just gone
It's a time for setting new goals and making plans on how to realise them. We know that goals should be SMART...
Tori Stuckey and Mayfield Frizzante strut their stuff at the Carl Hester Masterclass - Photo Stephen Mowbray
Kerry Mack reflects on a very special lesson with Carl Hester
It was an event that left us all with plenty to work on…
Brett Parbery and PPH Zeppelin in session 6, Carl Hester Masterclass - Photo Stephen Mowbray
“Not just another Masterclass” - Kerry Mack wraps up An Evening with Carl Hester
It was the biggest social event on the dressage calendar...
Charlotte Dujardin (GBR) and Valegro-1618
Holding the Reins Correctly
Kerry Mack takes us back to basics today, with the importance of holding the reins correctly...
Sweden's Carl Bonde and Emperor 1912 Olympics
Classical vs Modern dressage circa 1842!
Has modern competition dressage lost its way and diverged too far from the principles of classical dressage - Kerry Mack discusses the everlasting debate here...
Kerry Mack and Mayfield Pzazz always look classy
A 'simple' path to collection
In Kerry Mack's latest blog, she looks at the deceptively 'simple' path to achieving collection during training...
CREDIT Michelle Terlato 7
Think big to perfect the pirouette
Kerry Mack gives her expert insight into mastering pirouettes - the key to remember is that they are fluency in motion...
mounting your horse
Getting On
Something as simple as getting on your horse, can be an important part of your training, determining whether or not your horse is relaxed from the beginning. Read what Kerry Mack has to say about "getting on" in this weeks blog.

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