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Kerry Mack

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Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro at WEG in 2014 © Michelle Terlato
On a grand scale
Having begun to explore the Training Scale, let’s now look at how to use it in your basic training...
Ensure your noseband complies with the two finger rule - Labelled for reuse
Nosebands: a pressing issue
Tight nosebands, crank nosebands and double bridles are all part and parcel of the modern equestrian rider’s resources. But are they putting the horse under stress?
Kerry Mack - Michelle Terlato
How to build your resilience
Kerry Mack shares her tips on building resilience...
Those changes are for sure UPHILL Carlyle and Nadia
Flying Changes Part III
As Kerry Mack explains, good flying changes depend on good preparation...
Kylie Riddell and Clive in the canter.
Flying Changes Part II
In her second blog on the topic, Kerry Mack talks about what's involved in training the flying change...
Lilah Nieuwland on Rangemore Mikado do their flying changes in Intermediate 1 Freestyle
Flying Changes Part I
The winter is a quieter time for competitions and Kerry Mack likes to take this opportunity to train the movements the level above what the horses are competing...
George Morris Clinic - © Katherine Jamison
BLOG: Jumping and Waiting
In her second blog, Kerry Mack walks us through a handy exercise from George Morris’ recent Australian clinic…
George Morris clinic, 2017 - © Katherine Jamison
BLOG: A Little Cluck
Kerry Mack recaps the recent George Morris Clinic...
George Morris clinic, 2017 - © Katherine Jamison
Morris the master
George Morris' Victorian clinic was another premium event hosted by the wonderful Boneo Park...
The arena looked a picture at Boneo Park.
Kerry Mack reports from the Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass (Part Two)
"You have to be quite diplomatic with stallions, especially in the breeding season," says Charlotte...

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