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Emma Booth

Emma Booth and Zidane on their way to sixth in the Medium - © Roger Fitzhardinge
BLOG: Willinga Park wrap-up!
Emma Booth recaps her experience at Dressage by the Sea, where she competed in the open Medium class - her first able-bodied competition since her accident...
Emma Booth and Zidane - Colic surgery to WEG. © Emma Booth/Michelle Terlato
BLOG: From colic surgery to WEG
Six months ago, Emma Booth wasn't sure Zidane would make it to WEG in Tryon...
Emma Booth and Zidane - Photo: Emma Booth Para Equestrian Facebook page
BLOG: On the way to WEG!
“It’s not every day you get selected to go on such an amazing journey so I really am trying to enjoy every moment of this experience with my amazing horse, Zidane.”
Heath Ryan at Equitana - © Equitana
BLOG: Emma Booth is heading to Equitana!
With the 20th anniversary of Equitana approaching, Emma Booth takes a look at the reasons "why we ride"...
Emma Booth and Zidane, 2018 Sydney CDI - © Emma Booth Para Equestrian Facebook page
BLOG: Para riders in action at the Sydney CDI
Emma Booth reports on the para dressage classes at the Sydney CDI and explains why it's so important to have a para team at WEG...
idane is wearing a royal classic saddle pad and navy gold bandages by Equestrian Stockholm. - © Equestrian Stockholm
BLOG: Transitions, transitions, transitions!
In training, there is no doubt in my mind that we have to ride a million and one transitions…
Emma Booth and Zidane in training. © Michelle Terlato Photography
BLOG: Mental preparation in dressage
Dressage can be such a difficult sport mentally, with highs and lows that only other competitive riders can truly understand...
Emma Booth - Jan Blog
BLOG: The trip of a lifetime
It’s not everyday the FEI fly you business class to the other side of the world to accept an internationally recognised award…
Emma was very successful at the Australian Dressage Championships. © Emma Booth
BLOG: Para dressage success at Boneo
It was a tremendously successful Dressage Nationals for the FEI Para Equestrian competitors who received some very pleasing scores, explains Emma Booth...
Emma Booth's new partner, Sabi. Photo supplied.
BLOG: Welcoming a new edition
“There is no strength without unity." Emma Booth discusses the importance of finding the right equine partner...

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