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Emma Booth

Emma Booth - © Geoff McLean (single blog use only)
BLOG: Calming those competition nerves
EQ Life blogger Emma Booth explores competition nerves and how to tame them...
Emma Booth and Zidane - © Photoability
BLOG: Keeping your horse’s training program varied
As Emma Booth explains, there are many riders who fall into the trap of repetitive training...
Emma Booth and Zidabne, 2017 Boneo Classic - Photo Stephen Mowbray
BLOG: Emma Booth reflects on the 2017 Boneo Classic
"The feeling of being back in the competition arena in Australia, with my beautiful horse, Mogelvangs rather difficult to put into words..."
Emma Booth July Blog
BLOG: Emma Booth checks in on the Road to Rio
What a month for Team Booth! Read all about what Emma has packed into this month...
Emma Booth Zidane © Ride with No Limits
Watch Emma Booth's remarkable journey to the 2016 Rio Paralympics
Watch Emma Booth's remarkable story in this heart-warming video, to celebrate her Paralympic journey... [VIDEO]
Emma Booth May Blog
BLOG: Emma Booth takes us to Sydney for her final Rio selection event
Emma Booth takes us with her on her final step on the #RoadToRio...

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