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Show Jumpers - Team Joyce

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Team Joyce Blog - © Geoff McLean/Gone Riding Media.
BLOG: Team Joyce’s DIY biscuits and treat bars
Trish Joyce explains how to make some tasty treats for your horse at home...
Team Joyce Blog - free jump at home.
BLOG: Searching for a well performed, proven and worthy sire?
It might be wintery at the moment, but EQ Life bloggers Team Joyce already have their sights set on spring! Learn more about the bloodlines behind their two stunning stallions here...
Special partnership
BLOG: Handing over the reins
Team Joyce decided when life changes, it's a good idea to change with it...
BLOG: Mid 50 still going strong
Wes grew up on a dairy farm and his father often expressed his desire for him to fill his shoes. They farmed pigs potatoes and beef cattle as well. Everyone knows the farming lifestyle is never a dull...
BLOG: Wishes come true
The HRCAV TTT event proved to be one Team Joyce will re-visit for many years to come...
BLOG: Father and son enjoying the same interest in life...
Team Joyce welcomes a Handsome edition to the Lals Haven stable...
BLOG: Team Joyce gives a lesson to the winner of the Swim Ride Run Equathon
Read how Ebony Watson swum, rode and ran her way to victory at the Balcombe Grammar Equathon to claim a lesson at Lals Haven... [VIDEO]
Does my saddle fit?
In her latest blog, Trish Joyce looks at the difficult task of saddle fitting...
Not ideal
TRISH JOYCE: I wanted to share this particular blog because surely I am not alone with how my day went on the weekend as it was not ideal...

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