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WEG - Endurance

Endurance riders canter after the start at WEG - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL
Statement on equine fatality - FEI WEG Tryon 2018
In a tragic turn of events an endurance horse has been euthanised due to kidney problems following the endurance...
Endurance riders at WEG - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL
WEG endurance cancelled as humidity rises
"As the day draws to a close, endurance athletes bury their heads in their hands..."
Endurance riders canter after the start at WEG - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL
Confusion and now mud - endurance continues at WEG
"The heavens opened up and it poured with rain! The concern now is that the track may become muddy and slippery..."
Brazil's Bond Girl in the endurance - © FEI/MARTIN DOKOUPIL
A chaotic start to the endurance event at WEG
"A hiccup such as this can evidently have a great impact on the flow of the event..."
Penny Toft and Dream Dancer te - Photo: Penelope Toft Facebook page
Endurance riders ready to go at WEG!
As the sun rises on the 12th of September in Tryon, 139 horses and riders, pulsating with energy and fitness, will embark on the opening equestrian event of the 2018 World Equestrian Games: The Endurance competition...
Penny Toft and Dream Dancer - © Equestrian Australia
WEG Endurance Team Announcement
Congratulations to our WEG endurance team members...
WEG Endurance Short List
The successful combinations are Penny Toft and Dream Dancer TE, and Naomi O’Shaughnessy riding Castlebar Party Girl...
Endurance riders long listed for WEG 2018
The long list for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon has been announced...
World Equestrian Games endurance test event
A CEI2* 120km test event will be conducted on the WEG Endurance Track in October...

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