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Always check hay before feeding it out.
How do you feed your hay?
Dry, damp, soaked or steamed, there are many different ways to feed hay to your horses...
Pastern dermatitis (mud fever, greasy heel) is a common winter ailment
Ask the vet: Life wasn’t meant to be greasy
"My horse has greasy heel and isn’t living in a damp or humid environment. How can I treat and prevent this, and could you tell me more about greasy heel/mud fever?"
Sharna Kalms and Waikaki Duke galloping towards the Rose Garden in the CCI1*; they ended the day on 44.30 - © Geoff McLean/Gone Riding Media
Listen to that heart beat
Humans have been using heart-rate monitoring during exercise to measure their response to training for years...
It is important to have first aid essentials on-hand.
Ask the vet: First aid kits
What are the top 10 things I should have in my first aid kit?
Horse eating hay.
Breakfast of champions
Equine nutritionist David Nash looks at feeding the performance horse, and nutrition depending on your discipline...
Funny horse bucking in paddock - Labelled for reuse
Spring feeding tips
There are telltale signs to look for to know whether your horse is eating correctly...
Danaë O’Keeffe  - Kelato 1
Making Her Mark
Danaë O’Keeffe is coaching her way to riding success...
Rose Hip Vital - Dr Suzanne Polak
Dr Suzanne Polak on the benefits of RHV
"What I don’t recommend is that you stop taking it!"
Heath and Rozzie: A force of nature
Highly successful dressage competitors, Heath and Rozzie Ryan run one of the country's leading training and breeding businesses. Together, they are force to be reckoned with...
Horse eye - Labelled for reuse
AHT needs help to lighten the load for horses
What's an appropriate rider to horse weight ratio? One study is working towards an answer...



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