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Show jumper - Jacqui Ridley

Numero Uno x Nimmerdor 7 year old mare and Jacqui Ridley - Photo Credit: Sandra Longis
BLOG: Showjumper Jacqui Ridley shares her latest training tips
Loving life in France, Jacqui is learning from the best...
Jacqui Ridley Blog
Jacqui Ridley's huge announcement
Just when we thought she couldn't be busier, Jacqui Ridley makes a huge announcement in her latest blog...
VD Riloo jumping the CSI 135cm 1* in Sancourt where he was clear and placed 11th out of 60 horses with just one fault for time
Jacqui Ridley - Living the dream
In her newest blog, Jacqui fills us in on the happenings over in France at the Haras du Ry stables and what it was like attending the prestigious CSI Five Star Hermes show at the Grand Palais, Paris…
Jacqui Ridley 4
Jacqui Ridley’s February Update
While the thrill and hype of competitions hasn’t kicked in for 2015 for me there’s still plenty of things happening around Haras Du Ry and life is busy...
The warm up arena at Auvers CSI.
Jacqui Ridley's experience at WEG
While the Normandy World Equestrian Games (WEG) are done and dusted, the memories of this event will stay with me for a lifetime...
Trotting up for a vet check at CSI2* Dinnard © Jacqui Ridley
Buying a horse
While many of you will have been through the process of buying a horse and pre-purchase vet checks, I’d like to share my recent...
Hacking out © Jacqui Ridley
A day in my life at Haras Du Ry
What exactly is an ordinary day like for me as a rider at Haras Du Ry, Amy Graham’s world class equestrian training stable in Normandy...
Jacqui Ridley Hunting 2
I Can't Help It, It's In My DNA
In my first blog for Equestrian Life I mentioned that there was probably something in my DNA that attracted me to horses...
Pre-round pep talk from Amy Graham © Jacqui Ridley
Celebrities, Champagne and Chantilly
For once I’m lost for words - I don’t think I can find words to adequately describe jumping at Chantilly, France! Never in my wildest dreams could I image...
Jacqui Ridley2
Introducing: Jacqui Ridley
There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans and may seem crazy to others...

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