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Jade Mariani

Jade Mariani - January Blog
BLOG: A year of firsts
The girl who started riding when she turned 19 just wanted to learn how to trot… my oh my what a journey she’s been on!
Jade Mariani - May Blog
BLOG: Out and about
EQ Life blogger Jade tells us about her very first outing at the local jump club: "This past month I have been lucky enough to ride my instructor’s horse at my first show jumping event..."
Horse in paddock - Labelled for reuse
BLOG: What horse riding has taught me (Part 1)
Blogger Jade Mariani discusses what she's learnt from taking up horse riding at 18...
Shetland pony - Labelled for reuse
BLOG: 9 ways to get your horse fix
EQ Life blogger Jade Mariani shares a few tips for the horseless equestrian...
Jade Mariani - January Blog
BLOG: All in my stride
Many horse lovers get in the saddle from a young age, but what happens when your riding journey begins as an adult? Our newest blogger Jade shares her story...

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