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Young Rider - Emma Pidgeon

Emma Pidgeon ©Paul Smith Photography
BLOG: Everyone is winding down…Emma is winding up!
As the end of 2016 approaches, Emma has been busy organising events and setting goals for 2017. However, she did manage to schedule a holiday in picturesque Queenstown...
Emma Pidgeon and Kate 2 - Photo Credit Kayleen Figg
BLOG: A month of achievements
Blogger Emma Pidgeon writes about her first Prelim aboard Arthur, great progression with Kate, and the adoption of a cat called Yoghurt...
Emma Pigeon at State 2© Paul Smith Photography
The end of an era
In her latest blog, Emma Pidgeon comes to terms with leaving Pony Club...
Emma Pidgeon June Blog
BLOG: Emma Pidgeon takes us on her journey to State
With an engagement party to plan and State just around the corner, Emma is as busy as ever...

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