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Dressage rider - Mim Coleman

Karen Rycroft and Wilhelm of Xanthe. © Jess van der Vlist
Get back on the dream
As a child, did you plaster your bedroom wall with horse posters and dream of one day wearing those tailcoats and riding at serious dressage level? If so, adult riding is waiting for you to continue that journey...
Tiny & Mim Coleman - Photo supplied by Mim Coleman
Get hippy with it!
Funny EQlife blogger Mim Coleman chats about the importance of opening your hips to develop an independent seat to help your horse find balance and be more able to use its back...
Mim coleman
The power of the belly button
Mim Coleman gives us her tips to staying motivated and keeping training positive in the cold depths of winter with 2 ingenious games…
Miss Moneypenny ridden by Alison Watson - Photo credit Melissa Lee Stone Photography
Horseware Australia and Equestrian Tasmania State Championships 2017
Mim Coleman reports from a very successful State Dressage Championships in Tasmania...
Mim Coleman - Photo supplied by Rose-Hip Vital Equine
BLOG: What do a jet fighter pilot and a suburban housewife have in common?
Let me start with this: "Do the ordinary extraordinarily well..."
Mim Coleman Tiny Roger Fitzhardinge  Cover
BLOG: Think Big
Captivated by our Rio riders, dressage rider and blogger Mim Coleman believes anything is possible...
Australian Chris Burton and Santano II - Photo credit Arnd Bronkhorst
BLOG: Dear Olympian, please don’t apologise
Blogger Mim Coleman believes our Olympians have done us proud, regardless of where they finished...
Mim Coleman Blog
Steak, chicken and chips with P's
Mim Coleman takes you on her journey to "Steak, Chicken and Chips" in her latest blog (and it's not what you think!)...

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