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Lara Beth Poynton

Lara Beth & Cooper on the Obstacle course. © Donna Crebbin
BLOG: EQUITANA 2018 - That’s a WRAP!
"From the start of the competition our goal has always been to produce two well-rounded horses..."
Lara and her brumby Cooper. © PlanBphoto
BLOG: The Art of Sensitise & Desensitise
The countdown to the EQUITANA Brumby Challenge is on, and Lara is in the final stages of preparing her brumby Cooper...
Cooper - untamed in the wild! © Donna Crebbin
BLOG: Brumby Dressage - On the road to advanced training
"Why do I choose dressage? Primarily, it’s because dressage provides the advancement necessary for Cooper to be a well-balanced and supple horse..."
Groundwork is always the first step to our ride made easy
BLOG: First ride made easy: No buck, No rear, No bolt, No resistance!
Riding a horse for the first time can be fraught with danger if your horse is not set-up correctly to succeed...
team work ©  Lisa Sultana
BLOG: How your emotions can impact good leadership
To be the leader your horse needs we must use emotion in a positive way - emotionally and physically...
Amber goes back to groundwork with Wrangler in order to establish her role as leader.  © Elsa Roberts (cropped image)
BLOG: Getting it right is about reading the signs
In her third blog, Lara explains that she and Amber very nearly had a serious setback with Wrangler. How did they avoid it? By recognising the warning signs...
Being consistent - helps Cooper trust in Lara’s decisions as leader - © Elsa Roberts
BLOG: Follow the leader and learning language skills
"As discussed in my first blog, we must establish leadership before we can move forward with our training program..."
Lara Beth Poynton - First touch
BLOG: Australian Brumby Challenge - The journey begins
Each day we continue to make positive steps, introducing the wild brumbies to our training system...
Lara Poynton's brumby, VBA Cooper. © Digi-Foto
Peninsula horsewomen set to take on Australian Brumby Challenge

Renowned horse professional, Lara Beth Poynton and her associate, Amber Matthews have been selected from an extensive field of applicants Australia-wide to participate in this year's Australian Brumby Challenge...

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