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Lyndal Oatley and Sandro Boy
How to easily improve your dressage test...and your score
A good first impression goes a long way in any aspect of life, but so too in dressage. For example, a super first halt can make all the difference...
Ingrid Klimke demonstrates training the young horse. Photo by Susan J. Stickle.
Forwards and down
The primary goal at the beginning of the training session is to achieve a relaxed back...
Brett Parbery on their way to a win in the Grand Prix Freestyle - Photo credit Roger Fitzhardinge
Training the transitions at Preliminary level
Brett Parbery helps us take a look at transitions and how to train them correctly...
Funny Horse 1
Here’s how to get over those Wednesday woes
We all know what it’s like when it gets to Wednesday and you’re feeling a little bit…
Natalie Wilson having some coaching advice on JC Spiderman
Do you know how to assess the different learning styles of your students?
Check out EA's new education series, 'Coaching Tip'...
Willow Beast 2
How to dress like a boss in the equestrian world
Do yourself a favour and check out new kids on the block, Willow Beast...
Emma Booth - © Geoff McLean (single blog use only)
BLOG: Calming those competition nerves
EQ Life blogger Emma Booth explores competition nerves and how to tame them...
Kylie Riddell and Clive in the canter.
Flying Changes Part II
In her second blog on the topic, Kerry Mack talks about what's involved in training the flying change...
Lilah Nieuwland on Rangemore Mikado do their flying changes in Intermediate 1 Freestyle
Flying Changes Part I
The winter is a quieter time for competitions and Kerry Mack likes to take this opportunity to train the movements the level above what the horses are competing...
Natasha Althoff Your Riding Success May Blog
BLOG: Do you know how to achieve competition success?
Check out this sneak peek of Natasha Althoff's new Competition Success Online Workshop...



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