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Aussie vaulters in action at WEG

Stephanie Dore on Lunar Eclipse - © Michelle Terlato

Stephanie Dore on Lunar Eclipse.

© Michelle Terlato


By Equestrian Life

The Australian vaulters were in action early today at the World Equestrian Games, with the individual female and male classes and squad competition contested.

In the Individual Female Compulsory Competition, there were three Australians. Stephanie Dore was the highest placed, finishing in 24th position on 6.510 with her horse Lunar Eclipse. In 26th place were Ruth Skrzypek and Darkly Dreaming on 6.399, and then Sarah Grayson and Charles the Great on 6.004 in 29th. Congratulations to all!


Vaulter Ruth Skrzypek on Darkly Dreaming - © Michelle Terlato

Vaulter Ruth Skrzypek on Darkly Dreaming.

© Michelle Terlato


Sarah Grayson on Charles the Great - © Michelle Terlato

Sarah Grayson on Charles the Great.

© Michelle Terlato

The class was dominated by Austria and Germany; the Austrian combination of Katherina Luschin and Fairytale topped the list on 8.506, Germany’s Kristina Boe and Don de la Mar finished second on 8.346, and then Daniela Fritz — who also partnered with Fairytale — made it two in the top three for Austria.

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In the Individual Male Compulsory Competition, James Hocking and French Kiss scored 7.410 to finish in 17th place. A great result from a combination that is relatively new. French Kiss is a young horse and handled the atmosphere well; there will no doubt be improvement here in the coming years.


Jamie Hocking and French Kiss for Australia - © Michelle Terlato

Jamie Hocking and French Kiss for Australia.

© Michelle Terlato

The winner of the class was Germany’s Thomas Brüsewitz and Danny Boy OLD on 8.480. Germany also filled second place with Jannik Heiland and Dark Beluga on 8.468, while France’s Lambert Leclezio and Poivre Vert scored 8.440 for third.

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The Squad Compulsory Competition also took place today and was won by Team SUI Luetisburg of Switzerland with horse Rayo de la Luz on a score of 7.979. Team Norka des VV Koeln-Duenwald of Germany was second with Danny Boy OLD on 7.794, and Team RC Wildegg of Austria finished third with Alessio L'Amabile on 7.355. There were no Australians in the squad competition.

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The vaulting competition continues tomorrow in Tryon (tonight AEST) with the Freestyle events - stay tuned!

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