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Does money rule our world?

By: Trish Joyce

The year 2013 seemed to fly by like all the others do. Team Joyce look back and over the twelve months there were so many changes in our stables and honestly some of them were very sad and we still think about them often. There were also many highs and successes that helped soothe the lows. Like so many other horse lovers Team Joyce need to try and make enough money for us all to keep on entering shows each year. One of the ways for this is for us to sell the horses we compete on and or the young ones we have bred and produced. It is very enjoyable and very easy to go to shows with older horses, ones that know the drill. But taking young horses and kicking them around is just hard work. With the changes to the new grading system in showjumping this also makes the young horse training quite un-rewarding as well. Because young horses in lower heights can sometimes be competing against older horses who have done it all. How can a young horse contend with a school master?

The two horses LH Brittany and LH Folly were both sold and so quick as well. Now these two prize possessions have been in Team Joyce’s lives for over half of Sarah and Tiffany life. They were purchased as two year olds and trained slowly through the showjumping ranks with massive accolades. Both girls accepted that their once in a lifetime horses were to be sold on to give new Juniors and Young Riders the opportunity to enjoy while the mares still had plenty of competition life left in the tank. University commitments have created different workloads and time constraints do not allow these horses to be kept in full work and be used to their fullest. It was the fairest option for their wellbeing to go to new competition homes. LH Folly has left behind two gorgeous geldings, the first a four year old LH Johnny who is starting out now and LH Floyd a yearling by the current Australian Showjumping Champion Caracas. So for Team Joyce the change of selling on easy to ride showjumpers and start a new young un-educated horse is quite a challenge especially for Sarah and Tiffany because extra time is needed and not always there. Life is changing quickly.

The most exciting result for 2013 has to be about our LH King Arthur. He has made many magnificent step ups during the season. Arthur went from a Young 1.20m D Grade horse to a well campaigned Grand Prix horse. If all goes well for the start of January 2014 Team Joyce hope to finish the season with attempting one World Cup class. Arthur has shown a lot of scope but lacks education in rounds on course. He needs Wes’s confidence by encouraging him with straight approaches with a good forward pace. Because as we all know the bigger the jumps the more forward canter we must have with plenty of impulsion.



Sarah hopes to take LH Albert with her up to Wagga Wagga when she returns to University. This will relieve some of the frustration of missing riding so much during the year but through trial and error will time permit her to do so due to study commitments? Tiffany is going to keep on coming home when she can or meet us at shows to ride LH Johnny who is now ready to jump in D Grades. There is no pressure on LH Johnny he needs rounds and exposure to courses because he only competed in his very first 65cm round in October this year. He is still very green. We are sure both girls will enjoy showjumping throughout 2014 with these two horses fitting in with study time at University.

LH Johnny 1m class-1


Oaks Volta our Warmblood colt will soon be 3 years of age. Volta has grown up a lot in twelve months and has even been on his first outing for an exhibition. In 2014 he shall stand over a few of our home mares so we shall excitedly wait and see. If you wish to follow a live interaction and “Watch Volta Grow”…


Why not Like Volta’s very own Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/WatchVoltaGrow


volta ton

Lals Haven Warmbloods sold LH Brittany, LH Folly , LH Arlo , LH Beckham ,LH Adele and wish all their new owners years of happiness and success. Team Joyce shall keep up to date with how they are going and post new blogs on our web site for all to read.


Team Joyce wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year for 2014.

Thank you for reading our stories we hope you have enjoyed reading all of our summaries on the year it was.

Stay tuned for more news ………….by for now!!

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