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First Outings

   Words and Photos by Trish Joyce

Team Joyce’s last blog was all about LH Lily Puss coming into our family expressing all the fun and joy I have endured trail riding at this time of life. The last sentence expressed my nerves going to our very first outing in over 20 years competing in Dressage of which my dear friend Mickey encouraged me to try as she is a well campaigned Dressage rider on her horse Lola. Wes spent many hours helping me prepare giving constructive criticism most of the time ha ha’ aiding my seat and Lily’s transitions. We are still just doing the basics nothing over the top walk trot canter halt etc….smoothly and quietly. Sarah and LH Albert arrived home late Friday afternoon from Wagga Wagga relieved to put behind her another year at University. Wes needed to place a lost shoe on his front foot so they could practise tomorrow for Sunday’s Combined Training competition. On the way over in the car I expressed to Wes that I would be fine as the tests were solid in my mind.

Lily was ready to go in our first test 2pm she warmed up nicely and after the horn tooted off we went , yes Wes called the test , thank goodness as my mind went blank’ even the letters seemed to come up quick. Before I knew it all was done and out we rode.

halt and salute in first test

walking out smiling after the first test done

Then about 1 hr later we represented for the second test it was a little longer and Wes called it perfectly and my friend Mickey videoed. Thank you Mickey for inspiring me to have a go' your videoing commentary enhanced the footage. Wes's jump saddle and riding hat jamming on the throat lash held on well along with Mickey kindly giving me her chaps all worked a treat' . My smile widened as we completed all the movements I cannot tell you how amazing it was to actually be riding again out and about’ I patted my Lil star over and over telling her she was a super star!

Cantering in the second test

- Wes and I after the two tests

I gave Lily her liquorice treat and loaded her on the float waiting for the tests to be finalised. To hear our names LH Lily Puss and Trish placing 1st was pure elation not once but twice for both tests Lil Star even won the Jackpot!  Ribbons rosettes prizes vouchers it was all too much’ I have only ever won a few show riding classes never anything else. I went straight back to the float and shared my elation with my Lily. My star.

Lily looking at her prizes

close up of prizes

Sarah Josh and Albert trekked off early to Corner Inlet to ride the dressage test at 12.30pm she said he felt terrific, “ He knows what is ahead he loves it I can sense him rise relax and bend to where I ask him to, he is such a nice horse to ride “, Sarah said. The jumping phase was about an hour later and after an all clear round the waiting for the results. The winners are Sarah and LH Albert a lovely blue sash rosette and embroidered saddle blanket are now on display beside Lily’s prizes. Team Joyce sat together enjoying a nice chat about how wonderful horse riding can be, sure winning is the icing on the cake and lifts ones spirits very high but sharing the victory with your horse and family are what it’s all about. Until next time happy riding in whatever endeavour you choose you do’ lots more trail rides for myself and Lily.

Albert Sarah me and Lily with our prizes

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