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Fly High Billie

NOT TO BE REUSED Billie Kinder and Diesel - Photo Allisa Fontana Photography

Billie Kinder and Diesel.

© Allisa Fontana Photography


By Equestrian Life

A talented rider with a passion for showjumping, Billie Kinder was once described by the CEO of Equestrian NSW as “one of (their) best young riders.” Taking out the 2015 State Interschool Overall Primary Champion Rider and Overall Primary Showjumping Champion, Billie and her pony Diesel showed a level of communication and style befitting of a combination with years more experience.

Such was Billie’s talent and approach to many other areas of her life; she was far from your average 12 year old.

Academically, Billie shone. A talented wordsmith who crafted prose from the heart, her writing abilities were recognised by Arndell Anglican College - who offered her an academic scholarship. 

Billie was also an incredibly compassionate girl to whom giving came naturally. She gave through her thoughtfulness, random acts of kindness and sincere passion for helping those less fortunate - whether human or animal.

After Billie was involved in a freak horse accident on May 29th, her family has set about fulfilling her vision and completing her journey through her own words.

Through Billie’s amazing gifts of empathy and insight, “Hope” was created to inspire others and give back to those in need. A collection of her poems, stories and artwork, the book has already gained international recognition - and it’s easy to see why. The poems within the covers of Hope show a grasp of the English language well beyond her years, covering concepts for which many adults would be lost for words.


Hope by Billie Kinder - Photo Fly High Billie

You can buy Billie’s book, Hope, online at www.flyhighbillie.com and in all Horseland stores across Sydney.

A number of schools have used it in “circle time” to discuss issues surrounding death and bullying, while parents have spoken of how Billie’s way with words has helped their own children with issues such as anxiety, depression and lack of confidence.

Hope is divided into six chapters: Family, Powerlessness, Injustice, Naivety, Dreams and Hope. These titles were found in her school diary under her last entry, “Good Book Themes”.

Billie always wanted to help others. From volunteering at Riding for the Disabled and getting involved with programs for the younger grades at school, through to helping mistreated animals, Billie always wanted to make the world a better place. As such, all donations and funds raised from Hope will go towards helping mistreated animals and sick children. Already, donations have been made to Bear Cottage, a palliative care home for children and their families run by Westmead.

To date, donations (which are now up to $15,000) from Hope have gone towards looking after Frankie, Bear Cottage’s resident dog, as well as acquiring a Seizure Response Dog for a six year old who suffers from epilepsy. They are both causes Billie would have wanted to help.

An excerpt from the final poem in her book, titled 'Hope':

There’s no happiness around,
Only sadness abounds.
But even if there’s darkness, there can be light.
Something’s different, I’ll tell you why.
People have given up hope
They’ve found there’s no point in living
But there is, oh there is, there is a point,
If you make one.


NOT TO BE REUSED Billie Kinder - Danny Kinder

Billie and Diesel.

© Danny Mayson-Kinder




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