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Hunt Clubs in Australia

Traditional English Hunt Clubs began in Australia in 1840, but have existed in some capacity throughout history.The controversial sport was banned in Scotland in 2002 and in England and Wales in November 2004 but remains legal in Australia.
Traditional Hunt Clubs use blood hounds to chase-out foxes that are followed up by a pack of horses. The hunt is led by the Hunt Master.
The hunt was originally established as a means of pest control. Ironically, the English introduced the red fox to Australian shores to pursue the hunt. It has since caused the extinction of ten indigenous species. 
Today, many clubs continue the more favourable elements of the hunt including the traditional dress, the love of horses, the sporadic intake of brandy shots from a flask and a united love of regional South Australia- while disbanding the more controversial ones.
ABC Open recently produced a video story following the fanfare and glory of Hunt Clubs in Australia. The film showcases all the we love about horses, being outdoors amongst friends and sharing such wonderful time with beautiful animals. It also shows some of the dangers that we are prone to in this sport.  
Producer Marcus Thompson and Film Maker Alison Alcock 

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