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Team joyce

Since Sarah started studying at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga over 3 years ago Wes and I would willingly make the trek in the ute and float driving her favourite companion LH Albert up to the agistment property only minutes from the campus. We drove the 19 hour round trip six times a year up and back sometimes with a round bayle on board to keep him munching on something during the day because there can be very minimal feed at times. It was a major decision to buy another ute hoping to encourage total independence for Sarah and Albi. She was so ready to start her next journey and as parents we wanted her to feel more adequate in being able to make the choices of being able to go to competitions and not just trail ride like she has been doing previous years. Getting together with a friend borrowing floats and cars was ok but not ideal. 

It was sad to say goodbye to the faithful Toyota Echo it was a very reliable and economical machine but she was never going to pull a horse float. We decided to buy a twin cab 4wd diesel tray not an SUV so Sarah can still take a round bayle of hay up herself each year. It is a tad dearer to run but now that Wes and I do not drive up and back as well as Sarah it’s just one trip and one way. We also visited Horseland Mornington and walked out with a brand new pair of Ariat Womens Heritage Contour Field Zip tall riding boots http://www.horseland.com.au/

 Team joyce
Sarahs boots

These are a real special treat because Sarah has only had one pair made of synthetic leather since she was 16 years of age and they were looking quite shabby with dodgy zips but thanks to Horseland Mornington she now looks pretty spiffy all dolled up and ready to compete! The old ones have had new zips put in them so they can be worn mucking about.

As soon as Sarah was back after a 2 week break in July she made plans to utilise her new freedom. It took quite a bit of practise to back into the float to hook up and take wider turns but the easy part was Albi as he self-loads stands and makes the whole task so enjoyable. During the week Sarah would rise early to take Albert away to ride and meet friends and after that was proving to be easy she decided a competition was to be the next challenge.  Sarah is very grateful to Bee Flynn for giving her hints and lessons on improving her tests . They have made the move from Prelim to Novice’ the pair have only entered 5 comps in Prelim but felt they were ready to step up. Sarah ‘ said the lessons have made me feel so confident and helped me apply better aids and not confuse Albi to much but we are both still at the bottom wanting to learn how to do the movements at the right time and flow freely from start to finish.

 Team joyce
Sarah ute with float at the show

 Sarah quoted: We awoke at dark’ my lovely strapper companion Georgina a friend from University joined me on the drive to the Young Dressage Day. I was terribly nervous about all of it, the driving the riding and the results. Was I stretching too far ahead of myself will Albi accept all that I ask of him? You know when your stomach is churning the heart is bashing through your chest and you lose your smile for a moment or two, well that was me! It’s funny because as soon as I hoped on Albi and rode around my nerves started to vanish I could concentrate on warming up because Albi just went around like a true gentlemen as he always does this soothed my tension greatly.

 Team joyce
Georgina showing off LH Albert’s shiny tail & hosing him down after my test

 The first test Novice 2.1 and it went well the judges’ comments stated that my transitions needed to be a little clearer and my canter work needs improvement and I received an 8 for my free walk on a long rein. This was actually an official test so I was very chuffed. I am proud to say we placed 6th

 Team joyce
Feeling fabulous after my first test completed

 The second test Novice 2.2 was an un-official test and introduced leg yields. The judges’ comments were similar to the Novice 2.1 test which is always a good thing . It was noted that a steadier rhythm could be worked upon. I received a 7.5 for our lengthen trot. Again I am stoked to say Albi placed a creditable 4th .

Team joyce 
Our yellow ribbon

Georgina was my rock’ she cheered me on and then even helped me attend to Albi hosing and brushing having someone like Georgina made my whole day even better ‘ I am able to look back at my tests to see where I can improve which helps immensely after reading the judges’ comments. 

To say I am tired is mild compared to saying I am exhausted’ I thoroughly enjoyed the whole lot from start to finish I took my horse to an event all by myself. I cannot wait to enter another one and do it all over again , this is going to be the beginning of something pretty grand.

Thank you to Barastoc  Calm Performer - Barastoc  Cool Command – Barastoc  Horse Block , these are the items that keep LH Albert looking shiny and feeling so healthy during the wet cold winter up here at Wagga. And  Horseland Mornington for my new pair of Ariat Womens Heritage Contour Field Zip tall riding boots felt so comfortable looked so smart and made me feel so special.


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