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By Trish Joyce
Photos subject to copyright.
Today, Team Joyce said Goodbye to our most loved and admired LH King Arthur. 
Wes thinking its the end
It was a very tough decision to make and one we did not make lightly. Wes feels he may never have the opportunity to own a horse so talented again in his lifetime. Trying to see into the future is impossible when you are asking yourself many questions about whether it is the right or wrong thing to do. The offer was one that made us think very hard about it and in the end it was an offer to good to refuse. In a previous blog we had even asked the question, “ Does money rule the world?”. Team Joyce feels it does in many ways as it is what we need to keep ahead in this horse riding game. But we ask ourselves can we replace our LH King Arthur? Honestly we think not, the King was just that, “a King” and his name was so aptly thought of. I remember when we registered King, Wes wanted him to be named LH Arthur Dunga, so when I sent the registration papers into Equestrian Australia I quietly wrote LH King Arthur as this is what I thought he was developing into - a mighty stunning King. The papers came back in the mail, Wes opened the envelope and he read LH King Arthur, he said, "what happened to LH Arthur Dunga?” I said nothing just smiled and he smiled back and said “good name Trish” and that was that. 
Photo courtesy Snaffle it Photography
LH King Arthur has left his mark in the Showjumping world here in Australia; recently he was selected by the Equestrian Australia Showjumping selectors to be on the National Future Stars Squad. Being only 8 years of age and competing in only three full seasons LH King Arthur was extremely well recognized for his remarkable ability. Arthur was still only technically an E.A registered D Grader with 12 points and in the last season as a 7 year old competed only in the main Open 1.30m classes or Mini Prix’s having plans for the World Cup sector for 2014. But now that he has been sold he flies out in two weeks to live in Japan and hopefully move up to higher heights. Wes and I have plans to go and visit our LH King Arthur and we shall keep in touch with his new owners.
LH King Arthur is another Lals Haven Performance horse who will be missed greatly as many of our other talented showjumpers.
The King looking back saying goodbye
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