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Latest news on LH King Arthur

By Trish Joyce
LH King Arthur lives in Shizuoka in Japan, his stable name is Riverside Hamakita. LH King Arthur travelled very well on the plane trip over to Japan back in April. He has settled in and his new owner Mr Hidehiko Tsukuda said he loved the look of him in the flesh straight away so that was a blessing to hear in the Team Joyce camp. 
LH King Arthur
LH King Arthur in his new stable
Arthur was rested for a few days and re-shod and slowly brought into work. The text messages Team Joyce received two weeks later read “The new owner is so so happy. He went to his first competition a few weeks ago and he won 1.30m. The new owner said thank you so much! They love him so much. All family were saying Arthur’s personality is great. He is so so lovely! Must be you look after so good! Happy Happy Happy…”
LH King Arthur and Mr Hidehiko Tsukuda on course in the 1.30m
LH King Arthur and Mr Hidehiko Tsukuda on course in the 1.30m
This message really brought tears to our eyes and we were silent for a bit and just sat to take in all the wonderful words. Those who have followed our blogs and read our stories about LH King Arthur would know that Team Joyce have never come across such a once in a life time dream horse, he had personality, kindness, scope and lots more scope, he was everything Wes had hoped for in a jumping horse. The decision to sell was not an easy one. But to know they love him as we did and still do makes us think the King is treated like a King and deserves that and much more!
Gavin Chester went over to Japan in July to catch up with Mr Hidehiko Tsukuda and LH King Arthur to give them both tuition and make sure he too thought Arthur was going well. He was very pleased and even witnessed a few more competitions, the pair are un-placed. They have even gone well in 1.40m classes so the future is looking very bright.
Mr Hidehiko, LH King Arthur and Gavin Chester
Mr Hidehiko, LH King Arthur and Gavin Chester
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