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Midlife change

Lily and I
My new pride and Joy, Lily and myself

I have never written about myself really because I have had not a lot to tell but the latest changes to Team Joyce affect me so I thought I would share them with you because many others have done or are thinking of the exact same things. I came from a non-horsey family but my parents supported my dream and did their very best to offer me riding lessons at a riding school each Saturday and once I was very capable purchased a horse as well. We did go through that stage of buying the wrong one many times but eventually Ben came along he was the package deal saddle and all only $550 and today most of my fondest memories are of our very long trail rides together. Ben was faultless and was actually sold to the riding school due to his unflappable temperament. I do know he was purchased by another young girl and he lived his days being spoilt rotten and loved until the day he passed.

My Uncle was keen on horses and hoped his children would take to it but they never did, so I spent many days riding at his place and he to lent me one of his horses , for a while my cousin would ride with me until he reached the age of wanting other things. But not me I kept on riding. I had no float no acres and lots of’ horsey book knowledge’ with plenty of passion. I rode the trek of one hour every month to and from Pony Club which made sure my horse was well behaved for the days tuition as he was always a bit puffed before the day had started. I was not the best rider many others had fancier gear and better classier horses than I but I did achieve the gear award four years running ha ha. It was the one part I could try to kick goals at and it worked. Being an adult now and serving time on Pony Club committees I must have been one of those kids they pump up, keep them keen by rewarding them for their efforts .My parents did everything they possibly could and relied on others advising each step forward and may I say some advice sent us backwards but we learnt from it all. 

I have always had this thing for horses even the smell of them gives you that cheery feeling. Wes is a knowledgeable true horseman and I am the follower learning so much over many years. Still today I am definitely no educator but have the fire in my belly to want to ride. I stopped riding when Sarah and Tiffany were about 7 years of age we went to Maffra Agricultural Show all of us rode. After seeing Wes struggle to make the jump offs and the girls miss a go for a champion sash it was time for me to take a step back and support the real riders. Not once have I regretted the move I absolutely love and adore watching my family the thrill I get is massive. Running from the arena to the truck because an item was needed quickly or picking up rails to just cleaning stables at home washing horses to have them look immaculate for the competitions fulfilled my life completely. 

The chatter appeared seriously one day and my lovely Wesley said you should have your own horse. You love riding why not ride again. I mulled over it for a very long time actually it was 4 years in the making. I was toying over what it is I really want to do’ I mean what sort of riding. What are my expectations where did I want to go with riding now in my stage of life? The reasons it took so long for me to decide was because we needed to choose exactly what type of horse we were going to look for. No point buying a stunning big huge moving scopey machine if I was not going to utilise it all. After much thought a solid average sized calm kind willing natured specimen was the go, did breed matter well yes absolutely. Should I go for a thoroughbred  or warmblood? No neither Wes said ,’you need a cross bred for sure’ something clydie cross no bigger than 16hh and older than 8 . On the hunt we go.

Many people have what we call their own horse diary, many words actions and attitudes with different meanings. Team Joyce like to think we pride ourselves in stating a horse in its simplest fashion there are no hidden facets we say how it is. This is not how many horsey people operate. Many must wonder why sellers want to shift the super star to be ’no vices’ easy to do everything with’ will go all the way to the top in any discipline’  ……there are so many of these amazing prospects to buy they are everywhere. How many really have the traits mentioned to make it? How many are not at all what the seller states? We would say a huge amount and knew buying the perfect horse is not an easy thing to do and really it did not matter if it was not exactly what we wanted in some aspects because luckily I have Wes to sort out any issues but temperament needs to be 100% sound. The rest will come over time patience and persistence. The most important thing of all above everything else, I needed to feel safe, secure and think to myself I cannot wait to ride this tomorrow.

OK so the ad read something like this : Clydie X  , 15.1hh mare , 11 years old done it all being ridden by 15 y/o, had for 5 years, can be left for ages and comes back in work perfectly the same… The rest was history I had to look, she sounded great and to my delight I have Lily here at home in my stable. LH Lily Puss is divine, built like a tank her booty and curves make me look very comfy on top. Her temperament is unflappable. I am very happy and lucky to ride every day. Yes I am busting to wake up saddle up and hack in or out! I have no ambitions at the moment in the competition world all I wish to do is ride, ride, ride. I have started with Wes’s spare helmet, Sarah’s old jodhpurs chaps and 15 years old reliable Wintec all-purpose saddle we are set!

Lily and Trishy mounting
Mounting Lily 

cantering lily
Cantering Lily

Smelling Lily brings back all those fond memories of Ben because she is mine I have my very own horse. It’s funny but it is true having your very own something makes it far more real. Stay tuned for my new adventures I have already parted company cantering down the hill in the jumps paddock as my saddle slid sideways so did I . Plopping on the ground was easy not far to fall and having wonderful Lily stop instantly to observe my response brought tears to my eyes. If I am going to hop on I am bound to fall off but let us hope it is as light and simple as this was. My legs back and arms are aching at the moment but in time surely I will limber up! 

So if you rode in the past and have the dream to one day return why not’ the horse you buy just has to suit your needs and luckily LH Lily Puss suits mine.

Trish and lily out on a ride
The view riding Lily out

2015-05-02 10.50.42
Lily with her slipped saddle after my little tumble

I am biased of course but I look at her now after 3 weeks and I think how can she possibly be more beautiful? She has taken to the stabling lifestyle extremely well and I think her and LH Johnny have got feelings for each other. She has brought not just me tremendous happiness but Johnny to, they whinny to one another.

- Until next time, Trish 

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