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News from Japan

LH King Arthur and Terry - Photo supplied by Team Joyce

Terry holding LH King Arthur and the Chiropractor from QLD  giving him his massage


By Team Joyce

Team Joyce received some wonderful news over the weekend. LH King Arthur is making Team Joyce feel very proud in Japan. Here are words directly from Mr Terry Sakai the gentleman who suggested to one of his clients that the King would showjump at the top level in Japan.


Hi This is Terry Sakai !!
Arthur is going so well !!
He jump 150cm big class this year and so well !!
Japanese owner rode him 140cm class bit longer until Arthur settle down in Japan and now he is big star in Japan
I took one of best Chiropractor from Qld to Japan and we looked him again !!
His body build twice bigger and very muscly very happy and they love him so so so much !!
I am very happy that he went to special home in Japan !!

These sort of messages make selling good horses worthwhile.
Thank you



LH King Arthur - photo supplied by Team Joyce

LH King Arthur loves his new home in Japan

LH King Arthur - ©Snaffle It Snap Shots 

Wesley on LH King Arthur taken at Boneo Park
©Snaffle It Snap Shots

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