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Team Joyce Attend the Sale World Cup

Team Joyce attended the The Elms Showjumping Classic Sale  CSI-W (Sale World Cup) on Thursday 30th November till Sunday 1st December. We loaded up four horses, LH King Arthur, LH Adele, LH Johnny and LH Pugsly. It was going to be a very special show because Team Joyce are together as a family of four and all travelling in the truck not the girls meeting us in their car, so yes there was definitely going to be some singing to the rock legend himself Elvis!

the yards


The beast - Copy

Thursday afternoon was quite cool and after making the yards and the sun went down a shower or two made the ground quite wet. But when we woke on Friday morning the sun was out and the heavy rugs needed to come off. The first class for Sarah on LH Adele and Tiffany on LH Johnny was the Stable Door Encouragement 90cm class and there was going to be 110 competitors, so a very popular start!! Sarah really had to encourage LH Adele as the class was aptly named around the twelve jumps because the wings were not plain white meshed ones they were bright and fancy to suit each newly painted pole or dazzle board. The tents in the middle dividing the two arenas also caught her eye. Thankfully there were no stops or run outs and Sarah kindly pushed Adele along to let her know it was safe and easy to jump. In the end she finished with two rails and was very happy when they came out of the ring. Tiffany and LH Johnny jumped clean and to our amazement placed 9th!! LH Johnny did not seem to glance at anything at all; his cool calm nature really shows out on a new course as he just cruises around with not a worry in the world.


LH Johnny showing his 9th place ribbon in the 90 cm

LH Johnny showing his 9th place ribbon in the 90cm

Ring 2 

Ring 2 Course

Sarah and LH Adele lrg res

Sarah and LH Adele jumping

The next to ride was Wes on Bolero de la Vie and Ulouve B Z in the Bruce Carter Fencing Open 1.20m class. These two horses are again very young and have not seen a course like what was in Ring 1, it was just as flash as Ring 2 but had a larger area for a longer more demanding course design. Both horses just had one rail down and proved that they could start straight up in a 1.20m easily without a smaller run height class.

Ring 1

Ring 1 Course

Wes and Bolero dela Vie

Wes and Bolero jumping

Next to go was our favourite LH King Arthur in the McDonalds Open 1.30m class and he shone. He looked quite proud of himself when he arrived in the ring ready to salute the judge Anne Garner. Standing tall and with his ears pricked, “the King” looked as if he was smiling at everyone! I swear if he was a human he would have been saying “G’day, watch me jump!!” With only one rail Wes was wore a huge smile as he exited the ring, very pleased with his efforts.

Wes LH King Arthur

Wes and Arthur jumping

LH Pugsly was to also have his turn in Ring 2 attempting the Europa Saddlery & Australian Quality Pet Foods Saphire Series. Pugsly jumped well, bringing down only two rails on the double and a straight fence out on its own. Combinations seem to be his weak point at the moment, which we think is due to his large size, making it not as easy to come back underneath himself, and of course the fact that plain and simply he is a green horse. But patience is worth the challenge here and he will have many more rounds yet before we decide his fate. Pugsly is such gentlemen to have at shows and nothing fazes him on course, not colour design nor obstacles, hence why with that attitude we hope in time the cleanliness will improve, we shall wait and see …

Saturday was a very early morning rise for both girls who rode in the Richard Farr 90cm Speed Class. With Sarah and LH Adele number 16 and a 7.30am start, they were more in rhythm and only had one rail. Adele showed more confidence and decided the tents were not so scary! Tiffany and LH Johnny went later and jumped a clean round also, but were not fast enough for any placing’s out of the days 110 competitors. Bolero and Ulouve jumped in the Sporting Legends open 1.20m and had one rail each. LH Pugsly only had one rail in the Bundy Ag & Kwik Bins Sapphire Series and it was in a double lol… LH King Arthur and Wes were getting ready for the E L & C Ballieu Stockbroking Mini Prix, which was a challenging course for them both. The starting height was at least 1.35m which for the King was going to be an interesting task. This class is really made for more experienced horses but Wes likes to give Arthur a “looksee” and then bring him back to the smaller stuff after, so following this he will jump smaller again to keep his confidence up. He warmed up nicely, looking very relaxed and loose. With just one rail Team Joyce cheered! Arthur is showing us with every round he has promise and will definitely be one to watch out for next season when he is a year older and stronger. Come the Saturday afternoon all riders had finished (except those entered in the World Cup of course) and so spectators sat and enjoyed showjumping at its best.

The Sale showjumping committee are to be congratulated on providing top class facilities for everyone. The camping was comfortable for riders and horses, the jumping rings were set up to the highest standard which created the exhilarating atmosphere of participating in an A Class show here in Victoria. I must say Victoria has lifted the bar in producing many top class events in showjumping and Sale had definitely done that over the three days of competition. It is not often one sees every pole freshly painted and looking pristine and that is what I saw at Sale. The Sale & District Showjumping Club & Sale Medical Centre World Cup tested 15 combinations over two rounds of technical jumping. The class was very exciting and the action did not stop there, after that was completed an exhilarating Ace Training Speed event under lights tested another 20 riders. This course was very different because they set up some fences in Ring 1, some in Ring 2 and you had to jump out of Ring 1 to get to Ring 2. Then out of Ring 2 towards the crowd in the grandstand and then out over a massive Horse-shoe fence back to Ring 1. It was fantastic and very entertaining, so many people roared and cheered wanting the riders to go faster!

Sunday morning was a bit of a sleep in for Team Joyce , we only went to help Jess warm up and ride on LH Folly in the Guillot Enterprises Junior Championship , the pair did an amazing two faultless rounds placing a creditable 3rd. Even we had goose bumps hoping for a clean round, but to actually produce two of them as well is a huge feat. Being a new combination hopefully this is the beginning of good times ahead. Then it was Tiffany and Sarah in the Saddleworld Sale 1m Championship , Adele had one rail and LH Johnny placed 6th .The jump off was fast and furious for the first five placegetters and it was as fast as Johnny could go for now, and they did manage to pull off one tighter turn. It was after that we said good bye to LH Adele as Chelsea Hair her new owner was ready to take her home.

Sarah LH Adele new owner Chelsea Hair

Sarah, LH Adele and new owner Chelsea taking her home

LH Johnny 1m class

Tiff and Johnny jumping

Wes putting in Arthurs studs

Wes studding up Arthur

The next class for Wes was the GBG Future Stars class which is set for young up and coming horses just like The King, Bolero and Ulouve. It was starting at approximately 1.30m and this course had easier lines and more inviting distances than the Mini Prix so younger horses could jump the higher fences but not become frightened by technicality. Bolero had just one rail and Ulouve had two , both horses at no stage looked as though they were under pressure they just made young horse mistakes. LH King Arthur jumped a magnificent clean faultless round along with 12 others out of a field of 56. Arthur was second to go in the jump off and Wes coaxed him confidently around the course not asking him to go much quicker really. Jumping clean and with air and approaching the last fence many took a deep breath and then three strides out the pace slowed and then a fly by! Not a direct stop at the fence but he just drifted and Wes has to re-approach. This is what happened at Korumburra Show as well , Wes feels Arthur is not ready for the fence to be angled to sharp.  Wes feels he needs to make sure his approach is straighter , Arthur looks at the fence judges it and if he sees it on to much of an angle he loses concentration and goes dull. It is quite funny to watch actually from a spectator point of view , it is never a nasty dead stop at the base or the fence, he does not grab the bit and run off, his canter just gets slower and momentum goes and then as we all know you need impulsion to jump and if there is none you have to stop and re-approach which is exactly what Wes did. He patted him, shook his head with dis-belief so close and yet so far, no rails down but ends up with 4 faults and 1 time penalty. “Oh Arthur”, Wes said over and over again back at the truck. Its ok next week we are off to Tonimbuk so we shall have another attempt there. LH King Arthur ended up placing 6th and as he stood in the line-up I could see one day he will definitely be further up it’s just time, patience and persistence. To view the full results click HERE.

Team Joyce watched many sold LH Performance horses compete this weekend they all shone in their classes well done to all of you!

LH Adelia, LH Adele, LH Johnny and LH Brittany

Jess Hurley and LH Folly – Mirrin Mc Kay and LH Brittany - Sophie Elphick and LH Adelia – Natasha Dixon LH Warsaw

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Team Joyce are now off to Tonimbuk Indoor Equestrian Centre where they are having a two day showjumping competition and Gippsland Expo as well so it will be jam packed full of entertainment for all. Even Oaks Volta will make his very first public appearance so if you have been “Watching Volta Grow”, Team Joyce are so excited to actually show him off.

Come meet and greet Volta!!


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