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Team Joyce - Introducing Trish Joyce

Welcome to the Beginning of Team Joyce
Introducing Trish Joyce
Team Joyce
To read information about Trish is a little different from the other three team members. Trish is not a full time rider but does have the same passion for showjumping as Wes, Sarah and Tiffany. She starting riding at 10years of age and her parents were not horsey at all. Her Uncle was the horse enthusiast and started the ball rolling by getting her lessons, helping her join a Pony Club and then trying out all the disciplines.
Trish says she was never a spectacular rider, but did have a huge amount of fun competing and riding with others. When the girls turned 5 years of age and became very keen, Trish gave away her competition riding and purely focused on helping all three practise and compete every weekend. Team Joyce have travelled together religiously and are thoroughly enjoying what the Equine competition world has to offer.
Trish helped Sarah and Tiffany, as they stayed in Pony Club until the ages of 14 years and then moved solidly into Showjumping , registering for Equestrian Australia. Trish’s job was to do all the entries and help with the training at home, cleaning tack, ordering feed (a mother's job is never ending!) for each event they went to. She tells us she loves supporting her family in whatever results they achieve, and is someone who endeavors to be there on the ground focusing on the positives when things do not go so good!
Trish is branded the major cheer leader of the Team Joyce squad! Things have changed this year with Tiffany studying overseas for Semester 1 and Sarah moving to Wagga Wagga to study at University, so Team Joyce is and always will be the four but as for competing religiously at each competition, it is now up to Wes to hold the fort together, and as per usual Trish to keep him organised.
So in a nutshell, Trish, along with the rest of Team Joyce wish to share their journey of what they are most passionate about in their day to day lives and hope you enjoy reading their true raw stories of the ups and downs in Showjumping!
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