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Team Joyce blog: Out of terrible loss comes great achievement

Alexis Grace Collins Memorial
Ron Easey riding Made you Look, winner of the Alexis Grace Collins Memorial Grand Prix with Julie and Neville Collins
This is a story that Team Joyce wanted to share as we hoped it would touch your heart as much as it made an impact on ours hence why we volunteered in supporting a worthy cause’ Alexis Grace Collins Memorial Grand Prix held at the Rockhampton Show on Friday 12th June. Wes received a phone call from a long-time mate Robbie Herrington who lives in Yeppoon. Robbie was made aware of the tragic loss of 5 year old Alexis Grace Collins daughter of Neville and Julie Collins. Julie became Secretary of the Rockhampton Show October 2014. This was proving to be a massive task because this particular Secretarial job consisted of much more than the usual. Julie needed to revamp all sections and put together as many workers/ volunteers possible for the show to run in 2015. In April 2015 the Collins family were dealt every parent’s nightmare but amazingly the strength and resilience of these people are truly remarkable as they have worked tirelessly to make sure the show went ahead and it did prove to be an improvement on previous years.
Judge Murray Mackinnon NSW Byron Bay with Penciller Viki Lane QLD Highfield
Penciller Viki Lane of QLD Highfield with Judge Murray Mackinnon of NSW Byron Bay 
With only eleven days to help plan a full showjumping program Robbie felt he wanted to support Collins family by networking with his working colleagues obtaining sponsorship monies and prizes and making contact with some of his showjumping friends suggesting a helping hand to make sure the jumping section goes off without a hitch. He also put together a special event in memory of Alexis. Team Joyce along with Bruce Milne and his lovely wife Bev arrived late Tuesday night with the first course design set up on Wednesday completing five classes for the day. Bruce was the designated Course Designer and the feedback gathered after the first day was very positive.
Pic- Championship winners / Junior rider was Jasmine Ritter riding My Skilled Obsession only double clean / Winner 1.10m Championship Brock Everingham riding Midnight Snack / Winner 1.20m Championship Mark Tomkins riding KL Clown Around / Winner 1.30m Championship Ron Easy riding Symplistic
Thursday held five Championship events  , two six bars under lights a Junior / Senior and Friday being the special day running the Alexis Grace Collins Memorial Grand Prix. Robbie had managed to obtain over $4000 in sponsorship from some very generous companies for this class alone. The Martin Group of Companies – Sibelco Australia – Parkhurst Tavern - M & P Gracie – M & P Herrington. Shiranna Garlands donated the spectacular crown of flowers to wrap around Made U Look ridden by Ron Easey.
1.10m Ron Easy Port of Call 4th Robbie and Julie
Ron riding Port of Call with Neville and Julie Collins placed 4th in the 1.10m event
1st – Ron Easey
2nd – Nelson Smythe
3rd – Jasmine Ritter
4th – Ashlee Christensen
5th – Dana Anderson
6th – Michaela McFadzen
7th – Mark Tomkins
8th – Mitchell Everingham
9th – Warren Rundle
The showjumping section was well supported suggesting next year should be even better . The committee have decided to hold the Alexis Grace Collins Memorial again next year. So mark your calendar in advance trek up to the Rockhampton Show in June and support a magnificent showjumping program catering for all levels.
Listen below to an interview with Robbie Herrington at the event...

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