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Wallaby Hill’s famed Equestrian Extravaganza is back!

Wallaby Hill Equestrian Extravaganza 2018 t

Equestrian Team Triathlon winners celebrate at a previous year's Equestrian Extravaganza.

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Wallaby Hill’s famed Equestrian Extravaganza is back!

By Equestrian Life

Wallaby Hill’s famed Gow-Gates Group Equestrian Extravaganza is back for another year, with the event planned for 14 February, 2021.

The popular event features the unique “Equestrian Team Triathlon” where riders can work as a team (or alone) to achieve the best possible score across dressage, cross country and showjumping phases.

Event rules allow for any combination of horse and rider to complete the triathlon (provided they are qualified if they are competing in the cross country phase). This means that one horse and rider can complete all three phases like a one day event, or three different horse and ridercombinations can tackle one phase each. Or perhaps the one rider one three different horses… anything is possible!

The class is fiercely competitive and a whole lot of fun at the same time, and the ‘joker fence’ element in the showjumping phase — which allows riders to claw back valuable penalties — adds even more suspense to that final phase.

The dressage phase is at medium level, the cross country at CCI2* level and the showjumping is 1.30m… plus the joker fences.

Another highlight of the Equestrian Extravaganza in previous years has been the Eventers Vs Showjumpers class, where dressing up is a compulsory part of entering! In the past, this class has been well and truly worth it for the photos alone.

Alongside these two main events, there is also a range of showjumping classes and cross country rounds, the latter of which is judged on optimum time.

Entries for the Gow-Gates Group Equestrian Extravaganza are currently open and can be made via Nominate.

Published 14 January 2021






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