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What is a Timeform Rating



We read often of horses Timeform ratings and how they compare. We uploaded just yesterday that Black Caviar’s Timeform rating had increased to 136. Today we thought we’d try and explain exactly what a Timeform rating is and how it’s determined.
Timeform is a mathematical system by which horses are assessed to provide information to those interested in the horseracing industry.
The Company, Timeform Publications, founded 1948 in the UK was purchased by Betfair in 2006.
The rating is a computerised assessment of the difference of the weights and is made based on the distance of the race, the time of the race, the weight carried by the runners and their age, along with the margins separating the runners plus other factors including the state of the track and wind.
A Timeform Rating represents the merit of the horse expressed in pounds (weight) and is arrived at by comparing it’s running against other horses using a scale of weight for distance beaten which ranges from 3lb (1.36kg) at 5 furlongs (1000m), 2lb (0.907kg) at a mile and a quarter (2000m) and 1lb (0.45kg) at 2miles (3200m).
Historical Timeform Ratings on Australian horses since 1950:
138 Tulloch 
137 KingstonTown
136 Black Caviar
134 Galilee /Vain
133 Might and Power/So You Think
Currently British horse Frankel, with a Timeform Rating of 143 is the highest rated horse in the world with our own Black Caviar second on 136. 
With thanks to Timeform.com. Visit www.timeform.com
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