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Australia ninth in CSIO5* Nations Cup

Hilary Scott and Oaks Milky Way. Image: Morgan Froment Photos

Hilary Scott and Oaks Milky Way. Image: Morgan Froment Photos.


Australia ninth in CSIO5* Nations Cup

The Australian jumping team has finished ninth in the Intesa Sanpaolo CSIO5* Nations Cup in Rome.

Amber Fuller with Nopal Van Tallaert, Christopher Burton with Chedington Hazy Toulana, Hilary Scott with Oaks Milky Way, and Thaisa Erwin with Hialita finished round one on a total of eight faults to progress to round two. Adding 24 faults to the total, the team finished the day on 32.

Hilary Scott and Oaks Milky Way had two great rounds, with just one rail down on both occasions; they were the highest placed Australian combination in round two, finishing 24th. Chris Burton also had just the one rail in the first round, while Thaisa Erwin produced a fantastic clear in round one, placing 10th from 40 starters.

Well done to the Australian team, competing at the highest level and holding their own in a 1.60m event that boasted prizemoney of €220,000.

Chris Burton also contested the CSIO5* Against the clock (238.2.1) - 1.55m on Friday, jumping clear to finish 13th and in the money aboard Jacksonville Eurohill.

On Thursday, Thaisa also placed 20th of 65 starters in the CSIO5* Against the clock (238.2.1) - 1.50m with High Star Hero, jumping clear and finishing only two places out of the prizemoney.

In the CSIO5* Two phases ( - 1.45m, Edwina Tops-Alexander produced a double clear to finish 14th with Corelli de Mies. Thaisa was 16th, also jumping a double clear with Hialita B.

Competition continues over the weekend in Rome.

Full results can be found here.

The full report from the Nations Cup in Rome can be found below…

German girls clinch historic victory in Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup

Team Germany claimed the Intesa Sanpaolo Nations Cup title at CSIO Rome - Master d’Inzeo 2024 at Piazza di Siena on Friday in spectacular style when finishing on a zero scoreline to pin last year’s winners from Ireland into second place and Belgium into third.

And they did it thanks to extraordinary performances from their three lady riders Jana Wargers (Dorette), Jorne Sprehe (Sprehe Hot Easy) and Kendra Claricia Brinkop (Tabasco de Toxandria Z) so that anchorman, Daniel Deusser didn’t have to return to the ring in the second round with Killer Queen VDM because they had it all wrapped up. 

Chef d’Equipe, Otto Becker, was thrilled with the result and wondered if history had been made.

“This was absolutely brilliant with three double-clears from the three girls! I think we never had this before in Germany! And to win here in Rome at this special show, this special place, is something very special and I’m totally happy!” he said.

Halfway stage

Germany shared that zero scoreline with the USA at the halfway stage while Belgium, Ireland, Sweden and Mexico were stalking the leaders with just four faults on the board. But when the Americans faltered only the Irish held on under pressure to add nothing more to their tally for runner-up spot at the end of the second round.

The Americans finished the day on an eight-fault total along with Belgium and Mexico, but with combined times of the best three riders on each team deciding the placings in case of a tie, it was the Belgians who slotted into third ahead of USA in fourth and Mexico in fifth place. Austria finished sixth, Sweden in seventh, the hosts from Italy finished eighth and Australia slotted into ninth. The team from the United Arab Emirates didn’t make the cut into round two.

Uliano Vezzani’s 12-fence course asked plenty of questions, including one about exactly what the horses were seeing as they approached the chariot fence at eight. Coming up immediately after the open water it consisted of narrow planks with two white wooden horses as the standard to the left of the fence. Anyone familiar with the course at Piazza di Siena will know they will be there, although usually they are bay but had a colour-change this year. And it was two stallions who made the biggest fuss about them, firstly Gerfried Puck’s Equitron Naxcel V and then Rolf-Goran Bengtsson’s Zuccero HV who didn’t want to go near them but who, with the help of the Swedish maestro, managed to recover his equilibrium and completed the course in both rounds.


A 19-fault first round from Darragh Kenny and Amsterdam 27 left the Irish vulnerable when they had to count the single first-round mistake from Daniel Coyle and Legacy. But double-clears from both Shane Sweetnam and James Kann Cruz and anchorman Cian O’Connor who, once again, shouldered intense pressure to do the same with Maurice, ensured they would get back on the podium again this year although not on the top step.

Meanwhile less than half a second saw the Belgian side of Olivier Philippaerts with H&M Miro, Pieter Devos with Casual DV Z, Nicola Philippaerts partnering Katanga V/H Dingeshof and Gregory Wathelet with Bon Jamesbond de Jay overtake the Americans for that third place. Devos was double-clear as was America’s Aaron Vale with Carissimo as Vale continues to produce really impressive form on US teams this year.

In total there were 11 double-clears, and one of the most impressive came from Sweden’s Wilma Hellstrom and her one-eyed grey mare Cicci BJN who were also foot-perfect in the same class in Rome 12 months ago. But it was the clarity of the German victory that was the talk of the day. Daniel Deusser’s single error with his great mare Killer Queen VDM at the second fence in the first round was their only mistake of the day. And in the end it didn’t count.

The German ladies talked about how they clinched it.


“Nations Cup is always something special and you have to be concentrated from number one to the last jump but my horse felt so good that I wasn’t really worried about anything. [Friday] she really gave me the feeling that it didn’t matter what was in front of us she would jump it, so I had a really safe feeling!” Jana Wargers said.

Jorne Sprehe’s feisty mare was brilliant but as usual rather keen. “Hot Easy is sometimes hot but not easy!”, she said with a laugh. “But she was jumping amazing, I’m very proud of her and I think she did a fantastic job. I always like it when Uliano is building the course, it’s lovely to ride”, she pointed out.

Kendra Brinkop was particularly thrilled with her young stallion Tabasco de Toxandria Z. “Our day was great and we shouldn’t forget that my horse is only nine years old and jumping in his first Nations Cup! And also he showed how good the course was. He has not all the experience but he gained experience on that course. It was a brilliant course!” she said.

Chef d’Equipe Becker explained that coming to Rome this year was extra-special to him. He visited his mother a few months ago and on the wall were some photographs of him jumping in Rome himself and they reminded him just how special those memories were.

You don’t forget

“I think it was in 1984 so 40 years ago but you don’t forget!”, he said. “So I decided to ask if we could bring a team this year and now I’m really glad we did!”, he added. This was Germany’s eleventh victory in Rome, the last posted in 2012.

The post-competition press conference concluded with talk of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and who might make the cut into the German team. All three ladies have a place in their sights, and with Limbridge also on top form Wargers is clearly a real contender.

But Becker was giving nothing away this evening. “Let’s celebrate this great day [Friday] first and then we can start thinking about Paris again later. [Friday] I think we may have made German showjumping history!” he said.

Source: Event press release

Published 25 May 2024. 







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