Nominated entries released for Paris Olympics

Equestrian Life

Published 30 Jun 2024

The Nominated Entries for Paris have been released for all competing nations, with Australia short-listing nine jumping combinations, 11 dressage combinations and 12 eventing combinations.


Andrew Barnett & Go Tosca

Oliver Barrett & Sandhills Special

Oliva Barton & Hollyander HG

Sammi Birch & Finduss PFB

Chris Burton & Shadow Man

Andrew Cooper & Sharvalley Thunder

Sophia Hill & Humble Glory

Andrew Hoy & Vassily de Lassos

Shenae Lowings & Bold Venture

Kevin McNab & Scuderia 1918 A Best Friend

Kevin McNab & Scuderia 1918 Don Quidam

Shane Rose & Virgil


Chris Burton & Chedington Hazy Toulana

Thaisa Erwin & Hialita B

Thaisa Erwin & High Star Hero

Amber Fuller & Nopal van Tallaert

Scott Keach & Noble de la Chapelle

Katie Laurie & Django II

Hilary Scott & Oaks Milky Way

Edwina Tops-Alexander & Corelli de Mies

Edwina Tops-Alexander & Fellow Castlefield


Jayden Brown & WillingaPark Quincy B

Jayden Brown & WillingaPark Sky Diamond

Jessica Dertell & Cennin

Mary Hanna & Ivanhoe

Jemma Heran & Saphira Royal 2

William Matthew & Mysterious Star

Warwick McLean & Hendrix 11

Simone Pearce & Destano

Simone Pearce & All We Need

Jemma Heran & Total Recall

William Matthew & Freischuetz

The Nominated Entries are published on the FEI website here.

Team selections (three combinations plus one reserve per discipline) are yet to be announced, but are anticipated this week.