Shining a (blue) light on breeding season

For successful breeding outcomes, timing is everything. While there may be less pressure to produce performance horses early in the season in comparison to the racing industry, timely conceptions mean less disruption of competition schedules, reduced workload managing multiple cycles and increased chances of success using valuable semen.

Adele Severs

Published 7 Sep 2024

To help make the breeding process that little bit easier, Equilume provides sport horse breeders with simple-to-use Light Masks that ensure maximum success for breeding programs, as well as optimum health and well-being for horses.

Scientifically developed, the biologically effective blue light in Equilume products mimics the wavelengths of light provided by the sun on a summer’s day. Both the quality of light and the duration of daily light delivered have important fertility benefits for mares. It is the powerful regulatory effect of blue light on production of the hormone melatonin that influences a mare’s reproductive system.

As seasonal breeders, the naturally lengthening days of spring suppress melatonin and in turn stimulate reproductive hormones that allow mares to commence breeding cycles.

Daily delivery of consistent blue light wavelengths by the Light Masks also ensures optimum health and well-being.

What does the science say?

Published scientific studies confirm that extending daylength for non-pregnant mares using blue light from Equilume Light Masks advances reproductive cycles as effectively as stable lighting, with the bonus that mares can be fitted with these masks while away at competition, on the road, or while at pasture. Early reproductive activity means more cycles for embryo transfer and less disruption to competition schedules. Light masks should be fitted 70 days before desired ovulations.

For pregnant mares, the benefits of extending daily light using blue light from Equilume light masks are comprehensive. As well as hormones that control reproduction, lengthening days also stimulates important growth hormones in the mare that allow foals to mature optimally in utero, and for mares to produce more milk and good colostrum. Multiple published studies have shown that pregnant mares fitted with Equilume Light Masks for the last 100 days of gestation have reduced gestations (average 10-15 days), optimal foal birth weights, improved foal maturity, and greatly improved post-foaling fertility.

Daily delivery of consistent blue light wavelengths by the Light Masks also ensures optimum health and well-being by naturally strengthening the horse’s body clock.

Introducing the Belfield and Curragh Light Masks

Equilume’s Belfield Light Mask.

Equilume’s Belfield and Curragh Light Masks are perfect options for sport horse breeders this coming season. Both Light Masks provide the same effective level of blue light, over the same hours per day.

The Belfield Light Mask is ideal for those in need of a mask for one breeding season, while the Curragh Light Mask has a removable cup – meaning the headpiece can be reused for future breeding seasons with the addition of a new cup.

Simple to use and comfortable for the horse to wear, Equilume Light Masks are here to make the breeding process that little bit easier this coming season. For more information on the power of blue light or any of Equilume’s products, click here.