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Rose Hip Vital - Dr Suzanne Polak
Dr Suzanne Polak on the benefits of RHV
"What I don’t recommend is that you stop taking it!"
Dr. Nicola Pusterla discusses equine medicine with UC Davis veterinary students. © UC Davis
UC Davis equine researchers tackling coronavirus
Researchers at UC Davis are discovering many commonalities among horses infected with the disease...
Horse teeth - Labelled for reuse
Study reveals why tooth decay is common in WA horses
Horses fed oaten hay are almost three times more likely to develop equine peripheral caries…
Horse head - Labelled for reuse
Hendra issue still needles
Whether to vaccinate or not is the dilemma facing horse owners around the country, with fear of the deadly Hendra virus weighing against fear of adverse reactions to the vaccine...
PET/CT scans of horse © UC Davis Veterinary Medicine (not for resuse)
US university uses PET and CT scanning to diagnose lameness
Precise imaging was used to solve a horse’s chronic lameness issue...
Funny horse - Labelled for reuse
Vets amazed after 'monster' urethral bean found in sedated horse in Clermont
If you're having a bad day, spare a thought for Mr Flea...
Equine eye cancer - © UC Davis Veterinary Hospital
Genetic risk factor for equine eye cancer identified
Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common eye cancer...
LAMINITIS: “No Foot No Horse” Part 2
In part 2 of Veterinarian David T.Wood's article, Laminitis: No Foot No Horse, we look at the underlying causes...
LAMINITIS: “No Foot No Horse” Part 1
With spring on the horizon, we gain some insight into the crippling affliction from Veterinarian David T.Wood...
Is it really worth buying pet insurance? 5 industry secrets revealed
Are you considering pet insurance for your non-equine furry friends?



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