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Breeds of the world: Black Forest Horse

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Black forest horse

Black Forest Horse.


Breeds of the world: Black Forest Horse

By Equestrian Life

The Black Forest Horse, also known as the Black Forest Cold Blood or Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, is a small and strong draft breed that originates from Southern Germany. The breed dates as far back as 600 years ago!

The breed was originally used for pulling carriages and working in the forest. These sturdy and good natured ponies stand around 14.2 - 15.3 hands, and have a strong and refined head with small ears and big eyes. They have a muscular neck, a short back, and a long and thick flaxen mane and tail.


Black forest horse pulling carriage

Black Forest Horses pulling a carriage.

The breed’s numbers declined during the 1900s, due to their jobs being taken my machinery, which resulted in the unique breed becoming endangered. in 1981, there were only 160 broodmares registered. The German Government have since assisted with protecting the breed, by allowing only the finest stock to maintain quality.


Black forest horse being ridden

A Black Forest Horse being ridden.








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