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Chautauqua to embark on a new career

Chautauqua winning his third T.J. Smith Stakes (Image: Bradley Photos)

Chautauqua winning his third T.J. Smith Stakes

© Bradley Photos


Chautauqua is making another comeback, but this time it's not as a racehorse.

The Grey Flash became a household name throughout his racing career. Frstly for his breathtaking come-from-behind racing style that saw him become the world's best sprinter but more recently for the poor barrier antics that ultimately curtailed his career.

Nearly nine months after his final barrier trial at The Valley under lights last September, it has been announced that Chautauqua will embark on a new career as a show horse.

Jockey and equestrian commentator Casey Bruce will team up racing identity Rob Gaylard to retrain Chautauqua to become a show horse.

The plan to retrain Chautaqua wasn't hatched overnight, Bruce has been in regular contact with the owners over a long period time.

"I've been in touch with Rupert (Legh) since he last started at The Valley," Bruce said to Racing.com.

"Myself and Rob Gaylard came up with the idea when we were at the Royal Melbourne Show last year, we saw Chautauqua as the ideal candidate to become a show horse.

"Thought sheer harassment of poor Rupert, putting a dynamic proposal forward and the fact we were going to keep him a people's horse - we've ended up with him.

With both Bruce and Gaylard having strong media profiles, the intention is to keep Chautauqua in the public eye through the next stage in his career.

"We intend to try and keep him as well-known as we can through social media."

Chautauqua will head to Gaylard's Lara property in the next couple of weeks where his new owners will get to know the horse and his quirks before commencing his retraining as a show horse.

"He won't be an eventer, he won't be a jumper, he will be a show horse.

"If for any reason the horse doesn't measure up as a show horse he will be returned to his breeder."

This article first appeared on Racing.com and is reprinted here with their kind permission. To find out more about Racing Victoria's Off the Track program, visit rv.racing.com/the-horse/off-the-track.






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