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Aussie Paralympic Equestrian Team head to Tokyo

Sharon Jarvis and Romanos won the Grade 4 Test Test - © One Eyed Frog Photography

Sharon Jarvis and Romanos during the selection event for Tokyo 2020 - © One Eyed Frog Photography


By Equestrian Life

Australia’s Paralympic Equestrian team and horses have finished quarantine and have begun the journey to Tokyo.

The Australian-based team members, Emma Booth, Victoria Davies, and Sharon Jarvis, departed for Japan yesterday after enjoying PEQ together, while Amelia White is travelling from her home base in Germany.

In a Facebook post, EA High Performance Para-Equestrian Manager Stef Maraun said, “It has been a great week in Australian PEQ with the three Australian based riders catching up for the first time since Sydney3DE.”

“The horses have all shown their world-class attitudes and talent and I’m excited to see the team compete on the world stage.



"We are looking forward to meeting up with our fourth team member Amelia White who will join the Australian based athletes and horses on the 18th August in Japan.”

One of the coaches travelling with the team, Rozzie Ryan, posted an update to Facebook after the horses had started the journey to the Tokyo Paralympics.

“Today the horses left for Tokyo,” Rozzie wrote. “They had their feet wrapped for the flight, labels put in their manes. They all got a nice halter from IRT. Last word was that they were travelling well with Team Vet Janine Dwyer and Shaz.”

Zidane with rider Emma Booth and groom Shaz , Celere with rider Victoria Davies and groom Shae and Romanos with rider Sharon Jarvis and groom Ash are looking forward to catching up in Tokyo with their team mate Genius with rider Amelia White and groom Anke who is flying in from Germany.”

The rest of us fly tomorrow [Tuesday] with Lone Jorgensen the team trainer, Raylene, Emma’s carer. We will be meeting up with EA HP Staff Chef d’equipe Stef Maraun (you would not believe the amount to organising she has done for us, especially with Covid!!) and Alison Alcock.”


Australian Paralympic Equestrian Team:

Emma Booth riding her own Mogelvangs Zidane, supported by groom Shahira Ameen.

Victoria Davies riding her own Celere, supported by groom Shae Herwig.

Sharon Jarvis riding Romanos, who is owned by Donnella Merrett, supported by groom Ashleigh Campton.

Amelia White riding Genius, who is owned by Amelia, Antje and Ian White, supported by groom Anke Wilming.


Paralympic Equestrian Schedule Tokyo 2020:

Wednesday 25 August

10am-12pm: First Horse Inspection


Thursday 26 August
4pm-10.50pm: Individual Test - Grade II, IV, V

Friday 27 August

4pm-10.50pm: Individual Test - Grade I, III

Saturday 28 August
6pm - 11.10pm: Team Test Grade III, II, I

Sunday 29 August
7pm - 9.20pm: Team Test Grade IV, V

Monday 30 August
10am-11am: Second Horse Inspection
4pm-6.20pm: Freestyle Test Grade IV, V
7pm-10.35pm: Freestyle Test Grade III, II, I







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