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Emma Booth & Zidane complete their Team Test in Tokyo

Emma Booth & Zidane ride their Team Test in Tokyo

By Equestrian Life

Australian combination Emma Booth and Zidane have completed their Team Test at the Tokyo Paralympics, scoring 68% in the Grade III. Despite a few minor errors, it was a beautiful test from the experienced combination.

Following her test, Emma spoke with Australia’s Equestrian High Performance media:

"It wasn’t our best performance I made an error of course which obviously at this level you just can’t afford to be doing and that along with a few other little mistakes afterwards the score just wasn’t up where it needed to be, but you know we went out and did the job and I think did the best we could given the situation. Afterwards it is hard to keep your mind really focused after they have rung the bell early on in the test,” says Emma.

Emma also confirmed that the beautiful Zidane, who is 19 years of age, will retire after the Games.

"My favourite thing at this particular Games is that it is Zidane’s last Games and he will retire after this, so for me this has just been the most special thing about this whole experience is being here with him and having that one last opportunity to represent my country on the world stage with my favourite horse."

Emma and Zidane will ride their Freestyle test on Monday.

Australian team members Sharon Jarvis and Amelia White will ride their Team Tests tomorrow. At present, Canada lead the team rankings having their three team members already ridden; medals will be decided following the conclusion of tomorrow's competition.

All results here.






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