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Emma Booth and Amelia White finish Tokyo 2020 in style with stunning Freestyle tests

Amelia White and Genius during the arena familiarisation at Tokyo 2020. © Jon Stroud Media

Amelia White and Genius during the arena familiarisation at Tokyo 2020. © Jon Stroud Media


By Equestrian Life

In the thrilling conclusion to the Para Dressage at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, Australian team members Emma Booth and Amelia White posted stunning scores in their Freestyles tests.

Making her Paralympic debut at Tokyo and first to enter the arena for Australia was Amelia White riding Genius in the Grade V class.

The pair danced their way through their routine to finish in 6th place with a score of 72.660%.

Speaking to Equestrian Australia following the competition, Amelia said, “I am super, super happy. He [Genius] has been taking everything in his stride and he has been going really well and I don’t think he could have given me anymore.

He gave me more than yesterday [Sunday] and he gave me more than the first day and I am so incredibly happy with him and I think for his first Games, and for his first major Championship, he has been amazing. I can’t say anything more about him other than he is a great horse.”

Emotions were running high for two-time Paralympian Emma Booth as she took to the arena with dancing partner Zidane who will be retired after these Games.

For their final competition together, the combination flowed their way through the Grade III Freestyle to finish in 5th place with a score of 73.807%

Also speaking to Equestrian Australia, Emma said, "He was with me the whole time, he was listening, he is a very special horse and I was really glad that he remained relaxed and we hit all of our music and it was just a really solid performance and end to our career together also.”

"He (Zidane) will be retiring after this and he has definitely earned his retirement, he is just amazing."

Congratulations to Emma, Amelia, and their entire support teams on a fantastic conclusion to Tokyo 2020 and best of luck in the future!





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