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Future of Boneo Park Uncertain

 Boneo Park

The future of Boneo Park, one of the country’s most prominent equestrian venues, remains uncertain.

Future of Boneo Park Uncertain

Today it was communicated that the property sale of Boneo Park to QLV Group  has not completed, with the future of the venue remaining uncertain.

In a press release Boneo Park shared:

"Last year we were pleased to announce the sale of Boneo Park to new owners who had purchased both the land and business, with the intention to continue current business operations. This was great news for our staff and the industry alike, as the continuation of equestrian activities seemed likely.

Unfortunately today we are communicating that the sale has not completed, and as a consequence we will be returning the property to market for sale at some point in the future."

Arilla Restaurant

As a result of the news, Arilla restaurant has ceased operation as a restaurant and will operate exclusively as an events and function centre outside of Equestrian Events. 

Equestrian Events

Boneo Park will be making changes to their events calendar, as well as the number of events set to run during 2024. The venue will not be accepting any new event bookings. 

A Call for Action

"We would love to see Boneo Park continue as one of the country’s most prominent equestrian venues. The current interest in the property suggests that its future use is uncertain. The equestrian industry is full of passionate and committed individuals and we are really hoping that by working together we can find a solution for the future of Boneo Park."
If you could be interested in acquiring Boneo Park, or can assist, please contact Fiona Selby, fiona@boneopark.com.au

Read about the initial sale of the property: HERE.

Source: Boneo Park Release

Published 30 January 2023.






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