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Product of the Week: KelatoLYTE

Jason Dins riding Jaybee Albert (for Kelato). © Derek O'Leary

Jason Dins riding Jaybee Albert.

© Derek O'Leary


Did you know that sweat loss in horses can be a major factor in poor performance?

Jason Dins does. He’s an elite Australian dressage rider and coach, training and competing horses from the beginning of their career right up to the top level.

Jason knows that an electrolyte supplement is crucial to replace the minerals lost through sweat, avoiding serious symptoms of an electrolyte deficiency such as dehydration, fatigue and muscle cramps.

Jason relies on KelatoLYTE to ensure his horses have the energy needed to feel and perform at their best.


Jason Dins riding Jaybee Albert (for Kelato). © Derek O'Leary

 Jaybee Albert.

© Derek O'Leary

Do all of your horses receive electrolytes?

Definitely! My top competition horses have a significant training workload so electrolytes are imperative to avoid lethargy and encourage them to drink. But also the breakers just coming into work are under a new kind of pressure and even our broodmares in the paddock are sweating a lot in the heat so electrolytes are beneficial for them to avoid dehydration and replace the minerals they are losing.

Why KelatoLYTE?

I prefer to supplement because it means I can manage what’s going into each of my horses, take control of the dosage and ensure they are actually receiving the benefits. Kelato’s products work. The ingredients are all listed and at the end of the day my horses are all healthy. They look and feel great. You can’t ask for more than that.

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KelatoLYTE 8kg

KelatoLYTE 8kg.

This article was written in conjunction with Kelato.





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