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Teams announced for Future Champions in Hagen

 Maddy Vallender and Rubinell have been together just eight months. Image by Roger Fitzhardinge.

Maddy Vallender and Rubinell. Image by Roger Fitzhardinge.


Teams announced for Future Champions in Hagen

Equestrian Australia Selectors have announced the teams for the Future Champions in Hagen, Germany which will run from the 11-16 June 2024.

The teams are as follows:


1.      Abby Weel (NSW – Coached by Matthew Dowsley)

2.      Morgan Cockerell (VIC – Coached by Jason James)

3.      Zali Mills (VIC – Coached by Jessica Dertell)


1.      Maddison Vallender (NSW – Coached by Roger Fitzhardinge)

2.      Emma Hutchinson (NSW – Coached by Lisa Janke)

3.      Tia Rose McKenzie (NSW – Coached by Jenny Gehrke and Clemens Dierks)  


1.      Jessica Dertell (VIC – Coached by Annemieke Vincourt)

2.      Rosemary Heagney (VIC – Coached by Karen Blythe)

3.      Maddison Vallender (NSW – Coached by Roger Fitzhardinge)

Chef d’equipe: Amanda Renouard, EA Dressage Chef (FRA)

Future Champions is a prestigious event for young riders and it will be a fabulous experience for all involved. All riders are self-funded and are leasing horses to compete on. 

Jessica Dertell contested the CDIO-Y at last year's event with Gladstone MH, and it will be thrilling for Australians to be able to cheer on three full teams this year, with all the action streamed live via ClipMyHorse.TV.

Congratulations to all Athletes - we wish you all the best for the competition ahead!

Stay tuned for the June issue of Equestrian Life magazine, where Roger Fitzhardinge will introduce all eight riders ahead of this prestigious event!

Published 24 May 2024.





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