Product of the Week: Virbac’s Eraquell ® Pellets

The easy way to treat hard-to-worm horses...

Adele Severs

Published 8 Oct 2018


· Eraquell pellets contain ivermectin for the treatment of all common worms and bots

· Ideal for treating ‘hard-to-worm’ horses

· Palatable oatmeal flavoured pellets

· Safe to use on all types of adult horses, including pregnant mares and stallions

· One sachet can treat horses up to 700 kg


· Palatable pellet in a small dose size
The bite-sized pellets are readily accepted by most horses directly from the feed bucket. For very fussy eaters, mixing the ERAQUELL PELLETS with a handful of the horse’s usual pre-mixed feed will ensure the entire dose is consumed.

· Broad Spectrum wormer
The ivermectin in ERAQUELL provides a broad-spectrum anti-parasiticide for control of all equine worms (except tapeworm) including bots, lungworms, intestinal threadworms and skin parasites (summer sores and neck threadworms).

· To protect against worm related disease
In cases where horse owners may struggle to give their horses a paste, Eraquell provides an alternative solution to a paste based mectin wormer in autumn. Note there still will be a need to give a non-mectin wormer like Strategy-T in Spring time. Use of faecal egg testing will help determine worming requirements for the rest of the year.

· Track record of safety
Extensive trials have proven the safety and efficacy of ERAQUELL PELLETS. Due to difficulties in accurately measuring a dose it is not recommended to administer ERAQUELL PELLETS to foals.

· Treats a 700kg horse in one dose
Each 35g sachet of ERAQUELL PELLETS will treat a 700kg animal meaning most horses can be easily treated with a single sachet.

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