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EQ Life’s September online competition results - Novice 2C, Elementary 3C, Medium 4C and Advanced 5C

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View the results from EQ Life's Novice 2C, Elementary 3C, Medium 4C and Advanced 5C below! 


The third and final leg of the Virtual Winter Dressage commenced tonight across Equestrian Life’s Live Tv and Facebook page.


Tonight’s stream, which featured the Novice 2C, Elementary 3C, Medium 4C and Advanced 5C classes, saw some tremendous performances across the four grades. 

We would like to congratulate all of those that entered into the final leg of the Virtual Winter Dressage Series, and congratulate them on their scores. 

A massive thank you to our principal sponsor, Interpath and supporting sponsors Hygain and Mitavite. We would also like to thank our prize sponsors, Boutique EquinesBSM Sport EquestrianZilco International and RB Sellars for their support. Also a massive thank you to Roger Fitzhardinge, Vanessa Way and Lyndal Oatley for their support of the Virtual Winter Dressage Series!


The draw for tomorrow night’s stream, which commences at 6:30pm AEST and features the Preliminary 1C class, can be found here.


You can watch tomorrow night’s stream via Equestrian Life’s Facebook page, or Live TV page. 


You can re-watch tonight’s stream of the Novice 2C, Elementary 3C, Medium 4C and Advanced 5C classes here. 




The Novice 2C results:


1. Grace Riddell and Knock Out 0 - 76.00%

2. Kylie Pedder and Dicavalli Dimitri - 73.143%

3. Anne Smith and Fire Fly - 73.00%

4. Dolly Joyce and Desire SP - 72.857%

5. Teresa D’Aquino and Furst Finesse - 70.86%

6. Joanna Barry and Jaybee Ad Astra - 69.429%

7. Justine Wedlock and Don Lui - 67.571%

8. Lili Taylor and Oscar - 67.429%

9. Rachelle Regan and Heisenberg - 64.714%

10. Alannah Whitehead and Helmstedt Accolade - 64.00%

11. Cheryl Young and Falcon Duellboy - 63.571%

12. Amber Stephens and Armanessy - 63.14%


The Elementary 3C results: 


1. Natalia Bognar and Serendipity - 73.780%

2. Belinda Van Berkel and Castlebrook Brenin Jude - 72.44%

3. Rebekah Hardwick and Remi Lolita - 69.756%

4. Margie Elliot and Majestic Romano - 64.00%


The Medium 4C results:


1. Sally Stagg and Fandango - 72.00%

2. Caitlyn Hulme and Chezaratti - 70.256

3. Linda Krogh and Fame - 66.67%


The Advanced 5C results:


1. Megan Bryant and Furst Dance - 71.282%

2. Katerina Hoare and Wanted - 68.33%

3. Melanie Minter and Jaybee Don Grande - 64.00%

Congratulations to all competitors on their terrific results! 








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